Extra fun with Zack Russell Str8 boy tries a toy in his hole for the first time

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Video title: Bonus Video of Zack Russell’s Photo Shoot – Toned and Tall Young Pup Pumps his Hole for the 1st Time!

Site reviewMost of you probably aren’t that into anal play, but let me be one of those guys who tells you you’re missing out. You might not be into taking a dick up there, but you should at least try a dildo or a prostate massager to really see what you could experience when it comes to getting off.

Take a look at this extra video for a good example of exactly that.

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Zack Russell is a straight boy who’d only been in one wanking session before this, getting his 6.5-inch uncut cock out and shooting off a load for the guys, but he was eager to come back and try something new. He definitely achieves that in this video, sliding a dildo into his ass and jerking off, fucking himself with a toy and finishing off with a shower of semen spewing out of his dick tip and making a hot mess!

This wasn’t the last time he appeared on video either. He came back after this to wank another straight lad’s cock and sucked a dick for the first time too. Once again he shot off a whole lot of cum enjoying that first time experience.

Check out some of the pics and click through for the video!

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4 years ago

I like anal play. My wife uses a strap on in my arse now and then. Makes me cum so much! Don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it. Nice lad in this video might have to watch it and see him learning how to use that dildo 🙂

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