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Buddies jerking off together for the first time

Submitted by Jase in Colorado

I never knew this was a thing until recently. I thought jerking off with a buddy was something only a few guys did until I saw a Tumblr post and started looking around on the Internet and found a few sites like this one.

I’ve been reading some of the experiences of other guys here and mine is pretty similar to a lot of other guys. I wanted to share mine anyway.

I’ve known my best buddy for years, we’re like brothers really. While a lot of the other guys giving their experiences started earlier than I did, me and my buddy never even talked about jerking off while we were both discovering it. There was probably a comment here or there, a joke or something, but we never really talked about that stuff. Jerking off together was definitely not even a thing.

We were never shy around each other. We did a lot of sports in our late teens and getting changed and having a shower at each others place wasn’t a big deal. Judging by all the experiences other guys had I guess it’s probably unusual that we never jerked off together then. We saw each other’s cock a thousand times but it just never occurred to us that getting hard and jerking off together would be something we could enjoy.

It just wasn’t something that was even on our radar. We were too busy chasing pussy. Maybe it was because we were both getting a lot of pussy then. We talked about that a lot and I used to get hard listening to him describing the things he’d done with his girlfriend. I guess he probably got hard hearing about my girlfriend too.

My experience happened with him last year after we moved in together. We’d always planned to live together and talked about it a lot in our teens so when we had the chance to rent a pretty great house in our neighborhood we took it.

It must have been the third night in the house when we were arguing over who should put their TV in the lounge. We only had two, he wanted to keep his very big and expensive TV in his bedroom and I didn’t want to put mine in the lounge because I wouldn’t have my big screen for porn.

That led to the inevitable conversation about privacy and porn. We didn’t come to an agreement, we were sidetracked by discussions about porn. I think it might have been because neither of us had been laid in a while. With all the stress of moving I hadn’t jerked off for days and I guess he hadn’t either.

While I had a small collection of great DVD’s and a site membership, it turned out he had some vintage porn mags he stole from his dad when he was younger. These were real old porn mags from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and as soon as I knew about them I wanted to see them.

Minutes later we were both on the couch and he had a stack of porn mags on the coffee table in front of us. He’d found them years before in his dad’s old shop out in the yard and kept them. His dad had moved out a couple of years before that when his parents broke up, so he never knew about his mags going missing.

We were looking through them and he was showing me some of the best classic fuck scenes from the 80’s when we got to a few pages of a threesome. It was pretty funny, the chick was a typical cheerleader type with big tits under a shirt and a massive perm, and she was getting fucked by two guys in football gear in a locker room. We started talking about threesomes and got to a photo where she was sucking both their cocks and their helmets were touching while she licked them.

Suddenly we were mentally planning out a threesome with a girl we knew (we left his girlfriend out of it) and started talking about what it might be like, what rules we would need to have. That’s when it occurred to us that we’d never seen each other hard before.

Of course, after looking through all these mags and talking about having a threesome we were both hard in our pants and it was the perfect time to get this inconvenient thing out of the way. If we were ever gonna have a threesome we would need to be comfortable with seeing each other hard.

It seems stupid now, but that’s how we justified getting our cocks out. I think we all know it was just a pretext to get our dicks out and have a session over the mags.

We stood up, faced each other, unbuckled and dropped our pants. Our cocks sprang up, hard and glistening wet with pre. We looked, laughed, pointed, joked, made some disparaging remarks about how saggy my nuts were, about how flared and red his cock head was, about who was thicker, longer, more able to satisfy a girl… moments later we were kicking back on the couch with our cocks in our hands flicking through porn mags between us and checking out the way we both stroke.

My buddy produced some lube and tissues from the box he kept his mags in and we stroked for a long time, talking about the girls in the magazines, showing each other some favorite pages, promising to share porn a lot more in the future.

We were probably jerking off together for about half an hour before he finally grabbed a bunch of tissues and knelt on the sofa in front of me. I had a good view of his red cock head pumping squirts of cum out into the tissues and it made me start cumming before I could grab a handful myself.

It was totally unexpected. I’ve thought about it a lot since then and I still don’t really get it. The second his cum started pumping out of his piss hole I started splashing semen out without warning. I’d been edging my cock a bit up to that point so maybe that was why (I discovered edging reading through some of the posts here, never knew I was doing that or there was a name for it until I came here lol). I guess it’s just one of those things guys love to see. I know almost every porn video I’ve watched focuses on the guys cumming so maybe I’ve kind of been programmed to appreciate the sight of a cock squirting cum?

I made a bit of a mess all over my leg and the couch cushion before I stemmed the flow and took aim properly into a bunch of tissues. He wasn’t happy about my sloppy aim (it was his couch I just squirted cum over), but it was nothing too serious. He did make me clean the cushion three times before he turned it over.

That first time was enlightening. I actually started to think it was pretty strange that it had taken that long for us to jerk off in front of each other. I found out later that he’d been jerking off with another friend of ours back then, the friend he’d found the magazines with. I admit I was a bit pissed about it and wondered why I wasn’t invited.

We’ve jerked off together so many times now I’ve lost count. We have porn nights. We share a couple of site memberships between us and about once a week we kick back and stroke our cocks. It’s something to look forward to after a bad week at work. There’s not a lot else to do in our town so watching porn and cumming together is a real highlight.

Unlike a lot of the other guys who share their experiences, I don’t think we have any need or desire to jerk each other. I think it’s really just about being buddies and enjoying the sight of another hard cock being played with. I know we both get off on seeing each other cum, though. I never really thought about it that much the first few times but it became clear after a few sessions that when one of us starts cumming the other always joins in.

Maybe that’s a curiosity thing? I don’t know.

Thanks for giving me this space to share my experience. I might not be into mutual jerking the way some of the other members are but it’s great to know there are plenty of other guys out there like me and my buddy who just enjoy sharing their bate sessions with their buddies.

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