My first experience jerking off together was with my brother-in-law

Submitted by Andy in New York

I was on a trip to London in 1998 to see a relative get married. My sister couldn’t come because she was about to give birth any moment, so I agreed to take the trip with my brother-in-law. We were good buddies anyway so we were planning to treat it like a boys vacation and go to some of the clubs around the city.

We were sharing a hotel room in a pretty nice part of town and on the very first night we ended up jerking off together.

I’d never done anything like that before but it was great. I can’t remember what it was we were watching, but it some really bad cable porn or something. My brother-in-law just got his cock out and started going at it, so I did the same.

The next night we had another long jerking session, this time comparing cocks and commenting on how horny we both get, how much we jerk off, how much we usually cum… It was good, horny fun between guys.

We never did anything again after that. We came home after the wedding and made vague plans to go on a camping trip, but we never did. Five years late they split up and I haven’t spoken to him since.

In all that time I’ve had thoughts about finding another buddy to jerk off with. It’s something I think about quite a lot. Occasionally I’ll see a guy at the urinals or in the gym showers and I’ll see him getting hard, or just stroking his cock, and I’ll think about whether he might be into watching porn and jerking it.

When my wife isn’t around and I’m spending a good long time stroking it I’ll think back to those times jerking off together with him and wonder how I can find another buddy like that.

I know none of my buddies now would be into it at all, and I don’t have the balls to go out there looking for someone to jerk with. Maybe it will just happen one day but until then I’ll secretly enjoy reading about other guys experiences and seeing videos of guys enjoying their dicks together.

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