The friends that got me into buddy bating

Submitted by Anthony in France

First of all thanks for the amazing blog, always super cool to browse and discover the stories of others. And also great wank material too. Sorry, I am French so maybe sometimes I might use expressions or so that are not correct English but I thought I would write anyway ! Actually, you made me write because of your NYE post inviting readers to participate. You are absolutely right on that and I will do my best to share stories regularly.

I am in my mid 30’s now, and from as long as I can remember, I have liked cock. Yeah. I did not really think about it, but in my teen years, I was kind of ashamed of liking it. I come from a very religious family, not extreme though, but sex was taboo obviously. I grew up in Africa, I went to private international schools, went to church, received a catholic education.

Strict, but I must say that it was not hell either. We were by the sea, wonderful weather all year, except rainy season but never cold. Very cheap, of course, and a small country so it was always super safe and quiet. It was also awesome to be in those schools, there were African and European students, people from Lebanon, some from Brazil, also some Asians. There were lots of groups of course but not based on ethnicity but on true connection. Lots of different languages then but we all spoke french.

Kind of a privilege background, people of big oil companies, diplomats and shit, most of them like that think they are perfect. Bourgeois and prejudiced. However most husbands have mistresses and most wives are depressed. No kidding, these people do exist. So as I got older, I got the idea that it was really weird to like cock when being a male, probably gay shit, not to tell or allow myself to enjoy.

Yet I discreetly watch older guys in the changing rooms at the gym. We had a swimming pool at school, and of course teams. Us, the younger ones, arrived after the swim sessions of the older. They were not shy and some would shower naked. I saw semi-hard dicks, lots of pubic hair, silly games between friends. Damn, I enjoyed those moments.

Things changed and led me to the man I am today. It determined a lot my sex turns-on like sweat, smells, talking and hairs, socks, underwear, also music, and others !

I must admit the thing I like most is a very cool wank session with a bud or more. That is a thing. I am bi now, and had some dirty funny sex, threesome, some orgies, but being with male friends is the best for me. We stick to touching, swapping, comparing, edging, etc, what you English-speaking people call bonding.

I can have no sex for quite a while (not so long, like 2/3 months), but I definitely need that moment with a bud. Weirdly, I still not consider it as proper sex, even though I know it is sex. I don’t think I deny it. I just need this thing, and for that time we are not gay or straight or bi or who cares. We are best buds ? Well we don’t hide from us and we would some time dirty talk, watch porn, often drink and always smoke pot. We keep it to ourselves, I like that, like a kind of small club.

So as I said, it all started that year of 1996. In High School, and I am in the same class as that guy, Hugo, that I don’t know well but have always seen since Junior High School. And we instantly were like a match. Best buds from day one.

We had lot in common of course : went to the same church, same religious family, shy at first yet quite social. We were not the coolest, super popular guys, but everybody liked us and the duo we were.

Quite the opposite, him blond and white guy, me dark skinned black guy. Me into classic music and jazz and stuff, a bit of hip-hop also and him deep into rock, metal, and discovering the first electronic music. He made me discover Nirvana. We would always tell the other a band, a movie, anything he had no clue about and we would like “trade” our cultures, tastes, habits. We always talked. Always.

He had an older brother, like me also. My brother and I were close of age, so kind of rivals, but his was 2/3 years older than us and was his, then our mentor. We would always wave at him, and his friends were like protecting us.

Hugo and I got closer one day. We did not plan what happened next, but it changed our friendship. We came out of class, and were talking while walking. He needed to pee and we walked in the bathroom, and stood next to each other to do our stuff. During that whole time he was telling he stole a porn mag from his brother, the images and so and at some point, he asked if I wanted to see it. Our cocks were out of course, and I was instantly hard. Could not pee. I was so hard I was embarrassed.

I tried to look at him in the eyes, no down to his cock, and said yes. He had it in his backpack. We were trying to stay cool, and now I guess he was hard also but at that age I was so naive I thought it was only me. We then both looked down trying to calm ourselves. It took quite a while and we were standing still and silent next to another.

At some point, we managed to put our cocks back in our trousers and we entered a stall together. He took the mag out, we flip through the pages. Boner again. Like my penis was screaming. It was the first time I felt that. It was insane. We were trying not to stare, but I could see his crotch and he saw mine. We did not take our cocks out, and showed the other what we like. What we thought was disgusting. What we wanted.

We went out, and went back home. One thing : at the time, I masturbated but did not ejaculate. I never went on to ejaculate. So during this time, I had a lot of wet dreams. I often woke up covered with my own jizz. I was oozing precum almost always.

We of course did that again. Fake pee, then stall watching porn. It became a kind of routine. We started looking at each other dick while fake peeing, but never talked about it. In the stall, we had our trousers on, weird I know but our education made us shy. Sometimes one would have a stain on his trousers. Or both of us. I liked it.

We were sweating a lot, and the smell of us was also a turn on. He asked his brother all the questions he had :  why the morning glory, why do why have this (talking about precum), are we peeing or what and other silly questions. He would always tell me what he learn wether discreetly in the classroom (instant erection for me, probably of both, now older I guess) or in our special meetings.

We would always tell the other, like, “bud I am oozing precum right now” or “I am hard”.

At some point, we started getting nervous. We were afraid of someone noticing. We always did it late in the day, before leaving school and there was not so many people, but you know how it is, this teenage paranoia. At the gym, we would always get in the locker room the last ones, and shower together. Boners or semi-boners, we were never soft. We enjoy the smell of our bodies I guess, the socks, the underwears.  We kept them on while washing and they turned quite see through of course.

I could see details of his cock and he surely saw mine. He was uncut, I am cut. He had a  not so long but thick, very large cock. Mine is long, straight with a big mushroom head. Him hairy, not yet furry and me more of the contrary.  We did that during a couple of months and things went one step further. Hugo said we should spend time at his place, to be sure no one sees us. Yet, we continued at school, because we liked the atmosphere of the boys toilets. Hooked !

We went to his place, now closer friends. His brother was super cool about the porn, his parents would work a lot, much quieter than my place, where there was always someone. We would spend time in this room, sharing porn. Always after sport, sweaty and stuff. But it was always the same magazines.

At Hugo’s place, we met another guy. A friend of his brother, not a close one, a random guy of the group. Hugo’s brother was very social so there was tons of people around. We chatted with them and went always up to Hugo’s room, while they stayed in the garden or living room. But that guy, he would leave their group and come to spend time with us, entering the room without even knocking on the door. At some point he laughed and said, “stop hiding your magazines when I get in here, assholes”.

We were shocked and stood silent. He laughed and ask if he could see some. We gave him the ones we had, and he checked them all. He smiled and told us we could borrow his and that we could also get some video tapes. Damn, if you were a teen before internet, you what it meant. A movie, seeing actual sex ! Probably life achievement !

He said also that porn, “you must check it in underwear. Or naked. Why are you dressed, you guys don’t masturbate ?”

I did not. Don’t know for Hugo, but I did not masturbate. Well I thought I did. Fucking strict education lol ! I tried but each time I was close to coming, I stopped. I thought I was like exploding of pee. In fact I was edging, but had no clue. However we never dared showing frankly our cocks to the other. We had seen our cocks, but pretended not to care about. Our new bud opened a way.

The next time I went at Hugo’s, we again played some sport, until were sweating, smelling, and dirty. We went to the room. Already hard. Hugo told me we had new wank material, provided by his brother’s bud. He put some music on, turned it loud as usual.

And for the first undressed without watching me. I hesitated but did the same, as if it was natural. He kept his underwear on, so I did also. He turned around, facing me and told me he waited for me before checking them out. It made me happy, I know it sounds silly but to me it was the proof of our friendship. We were both already stiff.

We spend the afternoon together, on his bed, listening to our music, checking the girls, wetting our underwears. But still too shy to wank together. Our knees would touch on the bed, we would have fun showing our muscles, but no cock out. Until Hugo had to stand up and his dick popped out of this underwear. He blushed at first. But he could not hide it, he was so rock hard, it was impossible. I could not keep my sight off his penis.

He then said  “you have to stand up too”.  I did not hesitate. I stood up for my best friend to meet me. My cock popped also out of my underwear. We wore those boxers, that I still like today. To us at the time, it was very masculine, more adult I guess. It was the first time both of us were almost naked, hard in front of anyone. I enjoyed it like it was gold.

We stared at each other. Shy and proud, horny young males. Confident and insecure at the same time. What a moment it was. We talked about our cocks, about our pubic hair. We compared our dicks, I never had seen a foreskin. He was fascinated by my cut dick and me by his uncut one. We even measured our dicks.  His was shorter, but not that much. Almost equal, really. It felt great. But no touching, it was too early probably.

Both virgins and after 3 months of intense tease, we were like crazy. Hugo soon said he needed to go to the shower and he stay less than 5 minutes there. I did not understand, because it was so sudden. The music was so over so I heard him breathing loudly, then the water flush. He came back in the room, blushing. I got dressed, still hard. I quickly left, we barely talked. It was kind of awkward.

Remember I did not know I had to continue further while bating. Or I did not dare, maybe. I left and I remember that night I had the deepest of night cum. My pants were all wet and sticky. I had to change and even washed them because I was so embarrassed.

Hugo called at home the day after saying that, our new bud invited us any day to “watch a movie” one afternoon at his place. We agreed of going the day after, which was a monday. I still know it was a monday because we saw each other to church the morning he called, but we did not talk to another. We were with our families of course, no one knew, but we were ill at ease. It was a strange feeling to act like normal, to listen to those list of sins after having been naked together.

Our new bud name is Maxime. He had called at Hugo’s place and told him to let me know. I had no more details but it was obviously for porn. This was enough to make us talk to each other again. We met that following monday and walked to Max’s place. It is there that we realised we were just all three. He lived in the coolest house, there was a pool, his room was dope.

He invited us to have fun in the pool. He took some beers out, and rolled a joint. For us very “serious” kids, Maxime was like sunshine. That afternoon, we smoked our first joint, drink beers under the sun. All this by the pool. At some point, Max took his swimming suit off. “Let’s enjoy the sun, the water. We are all men” he said. We did like him, and soon were all three with our dicks pointing to the sky. We kept chatting like it was nothing, and he told us, he noticed us at school.

He knew we used the same stall and thought we masturbated together. He said it was cool, he would not tell of course and that he got interested, he thought we were the last ones to share a wank. So he thought he would try to know more about our games.

We all laughed and explained about it all and he told us some stuff also. He had already had sex. He was two years older so it could be possible. Nic’s brother also had had sex, but some questions we did not asked him. We wanted to know everything and he then said, “come let’s watch a movie and I will tell you.”

We went to his room, in the 90’s, it was not so common to have a TV and stuff. He had his own tv, a VCR, all kind of cool stuff. He played THE movie and we saw our first porn. We just had some towels on but apart that we were naked. We were on his bed. He told us about pussy, that it is wet. He told us about the feel, the taste, the smell. He was super cool with everything and today I am not sure all was true, but we believed everything he said.

The moaning of the girls, the men shouting words we were too prude to say Hugo and I, the pot, the booze, the sun. All this was crazy. Liberating. He took his towel off, and started wanking.

We did not really hesitate and did the same. He was between us. He was laughing, making jokes. He did gestures we never did : like he spitted on this hand to masturbate. He told us to use our precum. “Rub the tip of your cocks with it,  just the tip, don’t be shy.” He even spanked my cock, with two fingers. it surprised me and I liked it. He told us to watch the slut getting pounded on screen, he says look that big cock of his. Rocco was the man.

He complimented us, saying thing we never told the other, like girls would like you with such a shit, damn look at your balls. Hugo had very big balls, I could not know at the time even if their were much bigger than mine. Max had a shorter dick, quite small in fact but we, I did not care. I liked it and I liked him also. He did not shave his pube really, but had cut his hair super short, which was not so common then. We all had wild bushes down there and hairy and smelly cracks.

We were all wild and I was so wet I again almost stopped. Maxime encouraged me to continue, I answered I have this feeling of peeing. He laughed and said I should continue then, that I would like that piss. He knew it was not piss of course. Turned on like never, I obeyed.

Hugo was rubbing his so fast he came first. He was all covered with it. He was like shaking while cumming, like he was cold or so. We both watched him, and Maxime talked a lot “nice, yeah that’s it” and stuff like that, and as Hugo was done, exhausted, breathing out loud, he turned again to me and encouraged me again, not to slow down, just to continue, faster. “Keep your fist firm” he said. Seeing Hugo coming made it clear, to continue despite the feeling of what I thought was pee and all went so fast, in no time, I was unloading. It was all blurry, I was dizzy. I looked at all this white cream and sticky shit. Like astonished by it being so awesome, the feeling of cumming.

Maxime was still mastubating and came in seconds. He closed his eyes and repeated “shit, shit” a hundred times. I was fascinated. He was so vocal. We all lay there covered with cum. I am still hard thinking about it. After a moment we all went for a shower together and laughed. We were on cloud nine. Hugo and I walked back laughing and kidding.

We did that again. Several times. All three. Max pushed our boundaries, he touched our balls at some point, we did it also. We showed each other different techniques, we also sometime would stand in front of each other just hard, watching ourselves. We smoked pot always, that he provided us. Beers also, but not so much because the parents could smell the alcohol.

Sometimes we did not even had porn. We introduced him to our routine of after sport wank, having fun because our sweats and smells. Because of the weather, hot and moist, we would be sweating pretty fast. He also liked it.

We would smell our socks and underwear. It was always us three or just Hugo and I. And when he was not here, we would have to tell him what, where, how we did it. And we gladly shared all. Sometimes he would tell us he had had sex with a girl. And explained it all again while we were beating our meats listening to him. Again today, I am not sure it was true, we never saw the girls. But we did not care I guess.

We would go to the beach, when there was no one run naked in the waves. We had a magical time.

We would cum always on our hands, and one day Maxime told us to lick our own jizz. And we were reluctant, so he did it.  Several times in front of us. I tried it before Hugo. He came while staring at me doing it. After that, when we walked home he asked me about the taste. I say it was weird. He never did it in front of us.

He told me though that he tried to come on his face. He was on his back and had his legs up and aimed his face. It turned me on so much and I also tried. It is the only thing we never told Maxime. We would also never ever do it together. I don’t know if it was true for him, but I did it several time.

Max continued spanking our cocks and we were still to shy to do it to another, Hugo and I. He had to ask us to do it to him, so we spanked his dick. It was always fun to see a dick bounce up and down. And again, he is the one who took things further.

One day we did not had porn at Hugo’s place and he showed his hole at us and told us to mastubate watching him. “Think it’s a pussy, dudes”. We did and Hugo was so horny he came on Max. Not purposely but he shot him with his sperm. Max laughed, said that Hugo had then to wank him off.

I did not believe Hugo would but he did and kept going until Maxime splashed all over his stomach and on Hugo’s hand. It a massive shot, and I was lucky to came last watch my two bros doing that ! We continued exploring stuff until the summer holidays. We had dares like eating our cum, cumshot contests, describe a sex scene for the two others. I always wanted one of them to wank me or ask me to, but it never happened.

Once Maxime told us that Hugo and I should call each other and wank on the phone. We did it and call each other and describe imaginary orgies and shot cum. This is also a memory that makes me hard, hearing my best friend cumming.

Summer holidays were there and we knew that Maxime was going to college. The year after, Hugo and I came back. Hugo had his first girlfriend. He seemed to be serious about church, more than he ever was. We did not wank anymore and I was hooked so it was hard. Sometimes Hugo would ask to go for a pee like we did before and we would show our hard dicks but he did not want to go on with the stuff. We still showed our dicks until the end of high school and left abroad to study.

We promised we would write but lost touch. He did not came back, because his parents moved to another country, so I had a feeling of nostalgia each time I went back home. Then social networks came along and we all got connected again. We never talked about it. We all had traveled a lot, probably changed. I had other wank buddies but not as intense for a long while, I must say. More because I was always thinking of that being gay shit. It took me a while to be free from all of this and have fun for real. Now I have some great buds I wank with.

With the guys, we send each other short mails on Facebook for birthdays and like each other’s pics. Hugo is more distant but I know he is married. I think he really wants to let this behind him, because he doesn’t anwser that much or so.

Maxime started writing a lot, last year. He now lives in France again. He told me he now lives alone because he is not with his girl anymore and wants to meet again. I am abroad but will move back to France also. I answered of course yes. I really don’t know what will happen, but damn, from reading him, I had a familiar feeling and I am hard with enthusiasm.

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