Any buddy bate attempts gone wrong?

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Submitted by Leo

Hello everyone,

I have been reading this blog for a while now and I really really like it. It’s amazing how many men are interested in this kind of buddy bating intimacy. In fact, I believe every man needs some kind of brotherly intimacy, it’s just that not everyone is open to the experience.

I have a couple of good experiences myself, might share those later.

For now, I have a question for the guys:

Is there any time that you tried to engage in a jerk off session with a buddy and they refused? Or tried to engage wanking each other with an already bate buddy and they did not want to?

For me, no. Almost every time I made the first move with a straight mate, they responded positively.

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One thought on “Any buddy bate attempts gone wrong?

  • October 18, 2022 at 8:44 am

    The answer to the question, is, Yes…….. (with, a bit of however..). So, My God-Son and are best friends, he is 34. We go to hot tubs together, bare ass naked, drink beer, smoke weed, etc. I’m over 50. In the past we have talked about taking that “next step”. We have watched straight porn and a little gay porn. I took the “next step” and we were both shit faced. We were watching some gay porn and I said , let’s give it a try. He, did not say no, immediately, but, then said…I don’t want to cheat on my wife. And, he did not think, could handle, having my hand on his dick. We both laughed it off and blamed it on the alcohol…!!!!! However, something similar, 5 months later. He, started the “next step”..!!!! We both got-off, and, we laughed about it the next day. I asked, what made him change is mind about not wanting to cheat on his wife. He said, we take shit’s, in front of each other, shower, hot tub, naked as fuck and watched porn together. Then we had a private conversations with each other, clearly, will be kept on the DL (Forever…!!!!) 3 months ago, we had another session…… again, drunk, high, porn…. and naked . He, initiated the whole thing. He went down on me, so fucking good, it almost, made me cry. We 69 it the rest of the way and , got a good nut.!!!!!!! For “Straight” men…. you must have a very close bond, for a long time(in my opinion).. And, with firm assurances that what happens stay’s between us (period). We both have a strong vested interest, to keep it strictly on the DL. Maybe it happens, now……. once in a 3 month period. Hot tub season, is starting…………..


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