Become an Edging Master with the new Dual Vibrating Head Teaser

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One of the best ways to enjoy your cock is by edging. While some men think this is a complicated process and requires incredible will power, it’s actually easier than you might think, and it’s made even easier with a toy like the Classix Dual Vibrating Head Teaser.

This great new arrival at BlokeToys is perfect for increasing the pleasure and maintaining control, with powerful vibrating bullets.

The dial controller helps you to steer your pleasure more accurately, and right to where you need it the most. The silicone sleeve fits snugly over your swollen helmet while the nubs massage you and the bullets deliver intense vibration.

With the focus on your cock tip taken care of by this excellent little toy you’re free to explore other erogenous zones, such as the nipples, the scrotum and the taint.

The Dual Vibrating Head Teaser allows you to truly relax and explore while it does its work, helping you to edge with ease, delivering incredible sensations right to your glans while you’re lost in a fantasy or watching porn.

Like most toys it’s also a great way to encourage a jack off buddy into exploring more, giving you the opportunity to share your experience in a more fulfilling way.

This new arrival is available internationally from BlokeToys, with batteries included. By ordering from them you’re helping us, too!

They have hundreds of masturbators, lubricants, cock rings and more for you to try, either solo or with a partner or buddy. We recommend checking out their Mutual Masturbator range for a full collection of great toys you can share with a friend.

Click here to get your Dual Vibrating Head Teaser.

Click here to view the Mutual Masturbator range.

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