I spunked all over after trying edging for the first time

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Submitted by Rich

Thanks for the info about edging, I had the most fucking awesome wank yesterday after following that advice and I think I might be addicted to it.

I work night shifts so I usually have a wank in the morning when I get home and after a couple of days of not getting enough sleep (and having to work with a gorgeous girl who gets me hard every time she walks into the room) I was already desperate to have a proper wank on my first day off.

Most of my wanks are pretty quick. I usually just find a good video and tug it for ten minutes and shoot a load off but this time I planned it all properly and got some good lube for a long session.

It was hard to keep it going at times and I had to stop myself from just unloading my nuts. After about 45 minutes my cock was so sensitive I thought I might cum just by thinking about it.

I managed to last almost two hours, with a few stops of 5 minutes or something like that.

In the end I wasn’t even touching my cock when I could feel myself going over the edge and my cum just started blasting out of my dick all over the fucking place! I remember shooting myself in the face with my load a couple of times when I was younger but this was different. My cum was flying out in every direction and I even hit the wall behind my head.

I’ve seen guys in porn shaking after cumming and they have spasms when their cock head is touched but I never experienced that before, now I get it. When I was trying to clean up all the cum I just slid my foreskin over my helmet and I felt like I might start cumming again any second.

I just started seeing a new girl and we haven’t fucked yet but I think we’re going to this weekend so I think I might edge for a while before we go out and see what it’s like when we fuck, I would love to shoot a big load for her 🙂

I’m thinking about finding a mate to edge and wank with too. Never done that before but thought about it a few times. I’ve got a couple of mates who might be chilled enough to watch porn and wank so we’ll see how that goes. Not sure how to get something like that started but I think it would be fun.

So, thanks for the info, you made a new edger out of me with that post.

Hi Rich

Funny enough, I used to work night shifts too, about five years ago. Only did it for a couple of months but the lack of sleep definitely made my climaxes a lot more intense. A few times since I’ve had opportunities to work late and I actually enjoy that sleep deprivation knowing it’s gonna make my edging sessions with a couple of friends a lot more intense.

I’m glad the post helped you discover it. Now you’ve experienced it you’ll probably be looking for more tips and advice about it, so I hope you’ll let us all know again in you find anything out there that does it for you. We need a few more posts about making masturbation more interesting and fun.

Thanks again for the post!

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One thought on “I spunked all over after trying edging for the first time

  • April 24, 2019 at 6:50 pm

    What a fantastic post Rich. Edging is an amazing experience and bow you’ve started to never get enough of it. And believe me when I say it’ll get better and better with your whole penis getting so sensitive you think you’ll shoot just by the throbbing of your cocks. Enjoy and can loads more.


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