Jacking off with big dicked Czech boy Javi Xisco

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Video title: Jerk Off With Javi

They have a new bator enjoying his big cock over on the Jawked site, and I think a lot of you are gonna want to click through and stroke out a load with him.

His name is Javi Xisco and he’s new to all of this, but he’s come prepared with a big, thick, throbbing erection in his pants and a hot load of cum in his nuts.

We don’t know much about him yet but it’s clear he’s a fit young man, probably plays sports, seems to like being on display and apparently gets horny knowing he’s being watched enjoying his dick.

He’s got a lot of cock to play with.

He’s packing and uncut 8″ shaft of meat that’s already rigid and damp the second he gets it out.

Has he had a few good times with other lads showing off his big meat? I get the feeling he’s no stranger to flashing a hard one for other guys to admire in the showers or at the urinals.

He’s soon getting down to his bate, pumping his thick tool in his hand, slipping his foreskin up and down over the wet bulging tip, enjoying the pleasure swelling up inside him until he’s laying back on the bed and spurting his thick white load from his helmet.

Javi might be new to all of this but I hope we see him again. Even if he needs to explore cock play with other lads I think we’ll be happy to watch him discovering new things to enjoy.

Run time: 08:53

Click for the video
Click for the video

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