Jackson Ward Rubs His Straight Teen Penis

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Video title: Young Straight Teen Wanks his Big Meaty Uncut Cock & Squirts loads of Cum Everywhere!

Source: EnglishLads

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With a very confident attitude and a gorgeous straight teen penis that loves a good rub, Jackson Ward is a great new arrival to the bator crew at EnglishLads.

I know I say it about a lot of their guys, but I think we’re going to be watching him rubbing dicks with a few of their other lads in the coming months.

We all remember being 19, right?

I think my cock made more decisions for me than my brain did. Back then I was getting my dick out with several friends, looking through porn magazines, having jack off races and cum shot contests every few days.

I was looking for interesting places to rub my meat and shoot a load. I was jerking it at work, in the woods, in the shower, with friends over porn, in my close friend’s car… any chance we had to shoot off some cum we had our dicks in our hands.

And, with at least two of my friends, we had our dicks in each other’s hands! lol

While this young man and his straight teen penis aren’t experienced when it comes to mutual bating or group wanks, he’s totally relaxed about getting naked. In fact, his 7″ intact dick seems to enjoy being on display.


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He’s actually not an accomplished bator. He’s too busy to wank it as much I was back when I was his age. That doesn’t mean he’s timid or shy about enjoying it in front of another guy.

Within moments of getting his cock out he’s swelling up and starting to play with his meaty pipe. It’s a pretty thick one, too. He doesn’t seem to think it’s anything special, but it’s definitely a little girthier than average.

And that’s how this session goes. Jackson rubs his meat, his foreskin is slick and slippery with precum while it slides over his bulging tip, his balls bounce and churn up a good load until they’re tight and leading to his cum spurting finish.

Watch him pump that straight teen penis to a good creamy ending, making a nice mess in the final moments before heading to the shower to clean up. His load leaps out of his tip like a fountain, pouring over his hand and helmet, splashing over his thighs.

It looks like he’s interested in coming back to experience more. I guarantee he’s going to be getting his first hand job from a guy in the next few weeks. I hope we then get to see him swapping dicks with another horny bator and experiencing his first dick-on-dick frotting. You know he’s gonna cum big from that when he tries it!

Click here and watch him rubbing that dick. Leave a comment there and encourage him to come back for some friendly bator fun!

Run time: 33:23

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Click for the video

Source: EnglishLads

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I'm Brad, and I'm an avid masturbator. I'm the primary author here at BuddyBate, publishing the experiences of readers, adding fiction content submitted by visitors and sharing some of the best masturbation porn available.

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1 month ago

Englishlads has not released a scene involving more than one model for nearly 3 months now. Absolutely crazy to me. Especially when you consider the exorbitant subscription price. And that can’t even download anything. If I was a paying member right now I’d be furious.

1 month ago

I really want english lads to get Romeo tilling and rob London in a jack off together

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