My first 3some – kinda!

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Submitted by Ian

I’m Ian, I’m an average guy aged 37. I’d taken up running as a way to keep fit and my mate Johnny, 41, decided to join me on the fitness journey. We heard dad bods were sexy these days  but neither of us are dads!!! 

We’d head out and hit the streets and get a few miles in, both work up quite a sweat, not exactly fit but we are getting there. 

I always crash at John’s place after the run, grab a drink and chat. Kick off our trainers, socks and shirts. Chilling in our running shorts, catching up on life. Sweat glistening on our bodies, the scent of manhood in the air. I admit I cast an eye over his body and my nipples stiffen. 

A few weeks back we decided we’d hit the pub after our runs, counter productive but hey, two single men, and we deserve a reward. 

I’d take a bag of clothes over so I could changed afterwards. I’d jump in his shower and freshen up. Wash my hair, lather up and soap my balls you know the usual routine. He’d have showered first and be ready to go by time I’m done. 

This week I jumped in the shower but there was no gel. I shouted through and he said he’d run out. I looked round and spotted a bar of soap on the shelf. Picked it up started to wash and noticed a few tell tale pubes. I started thinking of him in the shower before me, using the bar of soap, washing his dick. Moving the bar of soap to my own dick, over my balls and across the shaft of my dick. I couldn’t help but think of the same bar of soap over his own dick.

We of course had seen each other naked before when we used to swim. I recall his dick suited his body, nice and thick. I’d say a good four inch flaccid with two decent size balls. I closed my eyes and pictured his dick as I soaped my own. Not sure how longed I’d spent there but suddenly thought I’d been longer than I should. Rinsed off and quickly grabbed a towel, wrapping it around my waist. I went to the living room to apologize but he wasn’t there.

Heading back to the spare room to get changed I heard a noise from room to the right. I pushed on the door, it opened. There was Johnny naked, his ass looked firm and he was fucking what looked like a sex doll. I’d didn’t say anything but he must have realized I was there as he looked over his shoulder and turned before realizing what he’d done. 

His hard dick spun round with him and slapped straight up against his stomach. I’d never seen him hard and it was just as thick as when flaccid but a few inches longer. He attempted to hide it but seemed pointless by now.  

He turned back around and was like “mm sorry mm”. He looked back and I said “hey don’t worry about it man. I guess I owe you one”. He asked me what, how? I dropped my towel, my dick was hard having caught him and seen his hard dick. “Now we’re even” I said and picked up the towel. He smiled and laughed. 

He waved me over saying “well guess nothing to hide”. I walked over he took the towel from my hand and threw it onto the floor. There was a bottle of lube on the bed next to the doll. He asked me to pass it over. Grabbed the bottle, flipped the lid and poured some over his dick. He smoothed it over his hard dick and slipped back inside and started to fuck. I poured some lube over myself and slicked my hard dick. I watched as his dick slid back and forth and admit looked good. 

I noticed the way he bit his bottom lip as he fucked and I liked it. He said you wanna try and pulled his dick out, he grabbed for my waist to pull me over but missed and grabbed my ass. Nothing was said and I moved over and slide my dick in. It was still warm from his dick and wet. I liked how it felt and he was watching me do my thing. 

He climbed onto the bed and straddle the doll his dick still hard and slick with lube and I’m sure what looked like precum. He slipped his dick into the dolls mouth. We fell into a rhythm, our dicks slick and moving in time. The sound of our dicks fucking really had me hard. He started to moan and I knew was getting close, I was too. 

The pace quickened and we were both breathing heavy, moaning hard. Looking each other in the eye. He nodded and I knew this was the moment. He pulled out, shouted and cum shot from his dick. I followed suit my cum landing with his, both heavy loads. Man it felt good, so good.

We knelt back, last of our cum dripping from the heads of our dicks and running down our shafts. I stood up and went to the shower. The water felt good, he followed watched me shower, we chatted and then he showered. 

Once dressed we’d earned that beer.

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2 years ago

Think I need to take up running !

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