My Wife Has A Blowbang Fantasy?

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Submitted by Nate

New here so not sure if this is the right place for stuff like this but here goes.

I’m straight and married, 36. Been married to my older wife for 6 years. We have a great marriage.

We have a good sex life but I still jack off every day. A few weeks ago she caught me jerking it to a blowbang video. I’m not always into that but sometimes it’s hot to see a sexy girl sucking on a lot of dicks! It was a fave video of mine because there’s a big facial at the end and I guess I like seeing the moments when the guy’s cocks are touching.

So she catches me and sucks me. I thought that was it. A few days later she starts asking me about it and I was horny and she was giving me the idea she was down to fuck so we start talking dirty.

We had a good time but she hasn’t dropped it. I think she’s got a real fantasy about sucking a bunch of cocks. She really got me into talking about it and I kind of found myself saying I would like it too and it would be hot to see all those cocks together. I told her it would be cool to slap dicks together and she could rub all our cocks around in her face.

Maybe I’m into it more than I thought?

It does get me super hard thinking about it.

I guess I’m just wondering if there are other straight guys here who are into it and what you all think about it. What’s the etiquette with blowbangs? Anyone ever been in one? Is it weird to have your cocks slapping around together? Are you allowed to jack another dick or do guys just want to keep their dick to themselves? If you’re already rubbing cocks together what’s the big deal with jacking a buddy?

Not saying we’re ever gonna do it but I’m starting to think if I could get some of my buddies into it she would be down. Not even sure if any of my buddies would even consider it.

I’m wondering how many guys who would be down for a blowbang would be okay with cocks touching and grabbing a bro’s dick, because I think it would be pretty fucking hot to feed my wife other cocks.

Thanks for hearing me out.

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3 months ago

I think this is a natural fantasy for many straight (and bi/flexible guys). I know it always has been for me. 6 years plus great marriage. I’m on year 3 and it’s great. Neither of us have experienced group sex but she knows I’ve always fantasized about threesomes. Maybe that’s the best way is to find a third and work your way up to multiple cocks? In terms of the other guys though I really think it’s all about communication. It seems you’re really keen on cocks touching, I’d suggest you specifically find guys comfortable enough to do so. Same with handling them, if you’re going to live out this fantasy it might be the only opportunity so might as well do it right. You gave me an idea tho, I might need to “get caught soon” and see her reaction. Or play dumb and pretend I’ve never seen anything like that before and send it to her and see her reaction. I have a feeling she’s going to react positive tho! I think my wife would love to “compare” a bunch of cocks together in front of her! Good luck!

3 months ago
Reply to  Michael

I attempted to have my wife entertain a threesome, but she was a prune about the idea 7 years ago. About a year ago the very guy I wanted her to consider exploring who also happens to be married. He calls me to say, I found a young lady willing to entertain our threesome fantasy. Within a week we all meet up at her apartment and for 3 hours exchanged everything any man could imagine. Her waist was extremely flexible and there was no way to get our wife’s into many of the positions we had her in. It was only a one time thing, but I had no issues having another cock in the bed slapping around on this erotic fun. Everyone should try it!

3 months ago

Great story and I would be keen to join. Done a gangbang. Any many years back and happy to touch and wank cocks.

Plus end with a great big facial. Ping me sometime

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