Straight boy Danilo Doroka gets a lesson in buddy wanking with Troy Connolly

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Video title: Young Straight Danilo Wanks his 1st Man & it’s Horny Troy’s Hard Uncut Cock he Tosses!

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This is a very interesting first time bate session for 18 year old Danilo Doroka. The boy has been in a solo wank already, playing with his furry uncut dick and spurting a good load off, but this is the first time he’s been teamed up with another guy and handled another cock.

I think we all know Troy Connolly was a good choice for him.

This 20 year old started out totally straight and new to all this back in June, but he’s got enough confidence and attitude for cock play with other guys to be a fun thing. His big 8″ uncut meat was soon out for sucking and wanking with other guys and he couldn’t seem to wait to grab another dick. He’s done more than that, so it’s obvious he’s really been having a lot of fun exploring cock play.

Why is this all so interesting for Danilo? Well, he really takes his time, but when Troy’s big pink meat is out and solid he doesn’t hold back on wanking it. He doesn’t seem at all reluctant about it, in fact he really seems to enjoy checking it out while he’s rubbing Troy’s meat and making his hood slip around over that swollen tip.

He’s a little bit nervous or camera shy, his own floppy uncut dick is thickening up and then softening again, but when Troy focuses his wanking and gives the lad some good routine pumps and the two share some cock-on-cock frotting he’s soon hard and desperate to spurt.

It’s so good that he doesn’t get half way through the video before he’s quickly taking over from Troy’s hand, presumably to stop him from making him cum so quickly, but he fails. His dick starts spurting semen up his smooth and tanned body in a great release that shows he really enjoyed all that attention on his dick.

His duties aren’t over, though.

He gets right back on wanking his new buddy’s big boner and even bends over for a little spanking with a paddle, I guess they needed to fill a little more time before Troy was ready to shoot his cum load.

Troy delivers his own multi-spurt climax, splashing hot spooge right up to his chest while Danilo slaps his spent dick on his buddy’s knee and watches the milky mess slinging out.

The guys head to the shower and spend a good while soaping up, wanking their dicks, slapping their wet inches around in a playful jousting session before the video finally comes to an end.

I think Danilo really enjoyed it, probably more than he thought he would. Maybe next time that hairy dick will be throbbing from the start?

Obviously Troy enjoyed it all, he seems to really love getting his cock out with other lads these days and I don’t doubt we’ll be seeing him teaching a few of the other guys all about mutual wanks and cock frotting in the future 🙂

Run time: 41:59

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Click for the video

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