str8 footballer hand job

Liam Cullen gets his uncut footballer cock wanked by another guy for the first time

Liam Cullen is pretty chilled out about getting his 7.5″ uncut footballer cock wanked by another guy in a massage session. We’ve seen him in a shoot grabbing another dick and frotting with one of the other boys, but this time it’s all about someone working that dick for him!

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Showing my mate I could suck my own cock has led to me wanting to suck his

“He couldn’t believe I could do it and started asking all kinds of questions about it. He wanted to know whether it was better than a girl doing it, if I could taste my pre, whether I ever cum in my mouth… I told him everything. By that time we were both just so fucking horny wanking off I didn’t care too much about telling him.”

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The Salesman – Come inside and get a good look

Jack looked around, surveying the spotless interior before turning back to see Devin grabbing the edge of his towel and flashing the lad his solid cock, pink and snaked with veins along the upturned curving shaft, his swollen round head exposed and his pale pink folds of skin bunched up around the flared ridge, a string of glistening precum glinting in the morning sunlight as it dripped from his red tip to the bare wood floor below.

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First time bating with stranger at gym!

“We kept moaning, rubbing our cock and also playing with our own nipples. Until I said ” Man, I am fucking close.” Joe replied “Fuck, so do I man. Let’s splash together” After that, we sped it up and both yelled “Oh Fuck!!” quite loud at about the same time and then splashed a big mess to the floor.”

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Ryan Kent seems to love the feel of another hard cock in his hand!

Footballer Ryan Kent wasn’t sure about touching another guy’s cock, but once he gets his first feel of Dominic Moore’s big uncut dick he can’t stop smiling! See the straight lads sharing their dicks in a frot and wank off session.

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Declan Rice wanking thick uncut cock englishlads

Tall straight lad Declan Rice gets his uncut cock cumming for the lads in his debut wank video

Declan is a sporty young man who really isn’t shy about showing off his pink uncut cock and wanking off. Even his mates have complimented him on his dick when they’ve seen it! Some of them might even be coming to wank off too!

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mens room understall cock wanking

I never thought about wanking another cock until it appeared under the cubicle wall

“The door was still open and lads were chatting and pissing, walking in and out, but none of them had seen the dick pointing at me. I started getting a bit hard. It was probably only a few seconds but looking back I don’t know how long I stood there looking at it and then looking over my shoulder to see if anyone else was gonna see it and say anything.”

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straight boy dildo play Zack Russell at Englishlads

Extra fun with Zack Russell Str8 boy tries a toy in his hole for the first time

Zack Russell was a daring lad, he’d been in a solo jerk off before this but the straight lad wanted more. Check him out trying a dildo in his hole and spewing cum from his cock! He came back after this to suck dick with straight lads too!

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