Gorgeous Jack King Jerking Off

October 16, 2011 Category :Cum| Solo| Video 0

A lot of guys can’t deny their cock when it gets hard and demand a stroke, and Jack King is one of those guys. He’s in the horny mens room when his meat springs to life and starts begging to be stroked until it squirts. Of course, we all get totally naked when we jerk off in a public toilet! lol

I think getting butt naked and stroking that dick detracts from the realism just a little bit, but still, he’s fucking hot, and that cock is totally delicious to watch as he strokes out a squirting load!

Jack King Jerking His Hard Cock

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Hot Young Wrestler Jerking His Cock

May 27, 2011 Category :Cum| Solo| Straight| Video| Wanking Toys 0

Some guys like to get a little more curious when they’re jerking off on video for the first time, and this guy appearing over at CollegeDudes might be wanking his cock on camera for the first time, but he’s really interested in exploring his virgin hole too. He strokes his cock while he’s probing his ass for the very first time with a toy, and apparently he was almost shooting his cum load really quickly. So he decided to edge his dick for a while to hold back that cum load and eventually shot it all over his wrestler body. Yeah, I think I’m in love too!

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Rubber Guy Jerking Off

May 26, 2011 Category :Amateur| Cum| Solo| Video 0

I’ve got another weird and wonderful video for you today, with a hung young guy who’s really into rubber and – specifically – gas masks…? I know, you’re either thinking that fucking hot, or fucking strange. I’m in the latter group. Again I have to ask, how does a guy discover that he has this kind of fetish? And what is it about it all that he finds such a turn on?
Still, gas mask or no, that cock is seriously hot to watch, and I wouldn’t care what he wanted to wear if I had the chance to stroke that long meat for him until he spooged everywhere!

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Straight Hunks First Time Jerking on Video

May 25, 2011 Category :Amateur| Cum| Solo| Video 0

Young and sweet guy Bryson Hughes seems really shy and nervous at the start of this vid, and that always makes me worry. If they’re that scared about getting naked and jerking off, are they gonna be able to stay hard and jerk out their cream by the end? I needn’t have worried with Bryson though, this guy is really into it once he has that cock out of his shorts. And it’s a really tasty dick too, deliciously long and hard. He even seems surprised at how hard he is himself! And he’s a great cummer too. I watched this vid a few times just to see that cum load shoot over his shoulders! Question, when a guy can shoot a power load like that, how does he stop himself from shooting in his own face? Surely it’s just too tempting! lol

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Cigar Fetish, Seriously?

May 24, 2011 Category :Amateur| Cum| Solo| Video 0

I’ve said before that there are some fetishes I just don’t get. There are so many out there it seems like there must be a sexual fetish for just about everything! But this is one I definitely don’t get, I don’t even understand where it comes from. How does a guy discover that he has a fetish for watching guys smoking a cigar while they stroke their cock? Nevertheless, the guys has a few others commenting on his video, so there are obviously some guys who get off on a guy smoking a cigar while he’s stroking out a cum load! Who’d have though it?

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Straight Boys Jerking Each Other For Cash

May 24, 2011 Category :Amateur| Cum| Duo| Straight| Video 0

When I see videos like this I always wonder whether it really is all about the cash. I mean, what’s the big deal with jerking another dudes dick for him? You jerk your own, so you know what it feels like, and you’re not turned off by your own cock, so what is the problem when it comes to playing with another guys meat? These two remind me of my first time jerking off with a buddy, sharing some straight porn mags and jerking off before eventually wondering what it would feel like to have another hard dick in your hand. They get really into it too, frotting and rubbing their boners together, really sexy to watch!

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Massively Thick Uncut Cock Shoots Cum

May 23, 2011 Category :Cum| Solo| Video 0

I love uncut cock, but you know that already right? I love thick and meaty dicks too, and this dude has a really impressive shaft, really fat in the middle. I knew a guy once with a dick like that, and it was so delicious, but hard to suck on properly. I really gave it my all though! Eventually I spent most of the session jerking his shaft and licking the head as the precum oozed from it while he sucked me off in a 69. Have to admit I definitely wouldn’t pass up a fat cock like that again!

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Beefy Hunk Strokes His Meat

May 22, 2011 Category :Cum| Solo| Video 0

I love big and built dudes jerking off, and I’m a big fan of this site below. They had a brand new guys arrive recently, and he really is sexy! This is his first time in front of the camera, so he’s opted for a solo wanking session to get the ball rolling (if you want to see him having that cock swallowed for him, just click through to the site, there’s a really hot video of him feeding that shaft to another of the dudes there!)

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Twink Stroked – With Toy!

May 22, 2011 Category :Cum| Solo| Straight| Video| Wanking Toys 0

I love watching a cute young guy jerking off on video, but it’s definitely better when he’s given a hand and someone jerks his tasty cock for him. It always feels better when someone else is playing with your dick right?

I’m a big fan of toys too, and I guess this guy was a little nervous because although his tasty cock was thickening up a little, he still wasn’t rock hard. So his assistant grabs a wanking sleeve and gets to work on his wang. Hot video, from a hot site. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! :)

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Tattoo Cock Stroking

May 17, 2011 Category :Cum| Solo| Video 0

I love some ink on a guy, but when is too much just too much? Logan McCree is probably the most inked porn star in the world, and he’s even had that delicious uncut dick tattooed too! How the hell does a guy get to that point?
I can see the attraction, but I can’t understand why a guy would do that if only because he can’t beat off for a while. And what happens when you get hard when it’s healing? And did he get that cock rock solid for a dude to decorate it? I’d love to see that being done. Actually, no, I don’t think I would!
But, he is so hot to watch, and he really knows how to treat that shaft of his. I definitely wouldn’t kick him out of bed.
Enjoy this video of hunky and hairy Logan McCree stroking out a load. It’s a trailer, but it’s fucking hot to watch as he tugs on that dick and bunches up the wet foreskin!

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