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Wanking Friends First Time

January 30, 2015 Category :Duo 0

I just saw thee pics of a couple of straight guys getting their cocks out to compare for the first time, showing each other their uncut meat and getting hard, then bumping their cocks together too. I knew you guys would appreciate seeing these boys and their big straight uncut dicks being played with so I thought I’d just get them on the blog. I just wish there was a video to share with you guys too.

Wanking Friends First Time 9 Wanking Friends First Time 8 Wanking Friends First Time 7 Wanking Friends First Time 6 Wanking Friends First Time 5 Wanking Friends First Time 4 Wanking Friends First Time 3 Wanking Friends First Time 2 Wanking Friends First Time 1

Wanking Mates Andy Lee and Liam Lawrence

January 29, 2015 Category :Duo| Pictures| Straight| Video 0

It’s been a while since we last saw the hung and hunky cum volcano Andy Lee wanking his big uncut cock in a UK site video, but when we watched his return in this scene with his gorgeous buddy Liam Lawrence we had to get it on the blog for you guys to check out.

He’s brought his mate along for a little porn and cock stroking, and although both these guys are straight they sure are comfortable working their big cocks beside each other and wanking out some cum loads. Liam is the first to dump his wad, but Andy isn’t far behind, standing to give us a great angle as he spews out one his famous drenching cum loads!

If there was any guy out there we would all love to spend an evening stroking some cum out with it’s Andy!

Don’t forget, Andy Lee has also started enjoying some wanks for BlokeToys too, make sure you sign up to their newsletter to find out about those!



Straight guys jacking off together

January 24, 2015 Category :Amateur| Cum| Duo| Pictures| Straight 0

I have something hot I wanted to share with you after I stroked out a load to this video earlier. I know this new scene from the guys on the StraightFraternity site is going to get a whole lot of you beating your meat along to the fun!

Warren and Blake were complete strangers before this shoot, but they soon got to know each other real well. The guys on the site paid them some cash and told them what the game was. The plan was to see who could cum first, and the winner gets to shoot his hot load all over the loser. Personally, I would have made the rules a little different, making the winner the one who can last longer – still, the boys find some interesting ways to make it a lot more fun, swapping their cocks and getting a feel for the hard and throbbing meat beside them!

It’s almost as though they’re LOOKING for an excuse to grab a guys cock! lol

Straight guys jacking off together 1Straight guys jacking off together 2 Straight guys jacking off together 3 Straight guys jacking off together 4 Straight guys jacking off together 5 Straight guys jacking off together 6 Straight guys jacking off together 7 Straight guys jacking off together 8


Exclusive: Interviewing Hung Stud Andy Lee!

January 22, 2015 Category :Cum| Duo| Interview 2

Andy Lee Interview

We recently had the opportunity to get in touch with hung straight guy Andy Lee and find out a little more about him. For those who don’t know, Andy is quite well known for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, he loves to wank with his mates, and has even wanked with his brother on video a few times too. He also happens to have a whole lot of cock to play with. One of the most impressive things about this straight guy is his cum load though. When Andy enjoys a good wank, he always finishes with a fountain of jizz!

Find out a little more about him in our exclusive interview, and make sure you go and follow him on Twitter too: @AndyLeeXXX

PornBuddy: So, lets get this interview started with the first obvious question:
How did you find your way into porn? I know it’s a boring thing to ask, but I guess we have to start somewhere. lol


Andy Lee: OK, so my best mate Bailey was doing it secretly for Englishlads and he let it slip when he was drunk, he thought I would look differently at him then but instead I asked how could I get involved and it all started from there!

PornBuddy: Oh, I thought you were the horny rebel who got him into it! lol
I would have been looking for his videos straight away, did you take a peek?

Andy Lee: Yeah lol of course I had a look but I’m crazy, I don’t care what people say about me. So I gave it a go and made good money but then had a new┬ánaughty secret

PornBuddy: So I guess you kept it from everyone else? I was going to ask how friends and family reacted, and what about the people you work with? When I found out the job you do (Working on an Oil platform) I did wonder whether you get crap from the lads about it.

Andy Lee: Yeah only 2 of my brothers and my gay uncle knows, and all my close friends. I’m not one bit shy and I don’t ever regret anything I do, I’m a big boy lol

Andy Lee an Bailey Morgan wankingPornBuddy: That’s a great attitude to have, and yes you are a big boy! lol
You certainly don’t seem shy in the videos I’ve watched, you seemed pretty comfortable wanking with other guys. I know a lot of guys wank with friends but had you before you appeared on video? I think a lot of guys probably have.

Andy Lee: Ha that’s me all over and yeah I wanked a few times with my mates while growing up, seeing who could cum first and the most ha, guess who won that lol

PornBuddy: That kind of answers my question about how you discovered that you cum more than most, and that you’re so hung too. Did Bailey know that before you got on video together? If I remember the video he seemed pretty surprised when he saw that big thing shooting off. Lol

Andy Lee: No, when I made my first video for Englishlads that’s when people realised, I never knew I always thought that was normal ha

andy lee and bailey morgan wanking togetherPornBuddy: That’s definitely one of the things you’re so well know for, but do you do anything to guarantee a big finish? Some performers don’t cum for a couple of days, drink a lot of water before a performance and take supplements. Do you do anything to increase your load?

Andy Lee: Haha, no I cum like that all the time, I’m just a horny fucker!!

PornBuddy: So even if you cum twice a day you’d still be going off like a cannon? lol
I have to ask how often you wank too, that’s another obvious question.

Andy Lee: Yeah, I wank average twice a day depending if I’m having sex or what I’m doing

4-Lee-Andrews-Hung-Uncut-CockPornBuddy: I know you’ve used fleshlights and some anal toys before on video, but do you use things like this outside of your work too? If so, what kind of toys do you have? Ever used a cock ring?

Andy Lee: Yeah I’ve used a cock ring a few times they do the job! I’ve not used any other toys really that I can think of, on me anyway :)

PornBuddy: So getting back to the videos you’ve done, I know you’ve done a lot of spanking scenes in the past, and you’ve done shared wanking scenes with some other guys too, are these things you enjoy off camera too? Just for shits and giggles?

Andy Lee: Yeah I’ve done a few lol and I’m up for anything for a laugh you only live once.

PornBuddy: It’s refreshing to see someone so comfortable with their sexuality. You do seem to have a natural easygoing attitude when you’re on video, the ones with Bailey were always faves of mine and the fans too I think. Do you have any favourite scenes you’ve been in? If you had to choose between the solo scenes, the duo wanks, the spanking or the later wrestle scenes, which were more fun for you?

Andy Lee: Yeah, it thinks it’s because me and bailey have such a great laugh together, and I’ll be honest the wrestling ones were full-on to look at, but it was great fun

PornBuddy: The ones I have seen with the wrestle theme looked like a lot of fun, I think most fans would agree. That brings me to the inevitable question of what your limits are too. I think a lot of straight performers stop short of certain things, did you always have an idea of how far you would go on camera? What do you think your limits were and have they changed since you started out?

Andy Lee: Yeah of course my limits have changed as far as spanking and wrestling with naked guys goes, I never thought I would do anything like that, but year that’s life lol I wouldn’t do anything sexual with a guy, it’s just not my kind of thing

PornBuddy: Is that why you took a break from the business? Do you think it’s harder to keep working because companies and fans want you to do more?

Andy Lee: No, I just didn’t have the time with college for my job etc. and yeah everyone wants me to do more, but as I said I wouldn’t do anything sexual, but I would do more stuff like wrestling and spanking etc. It’s all just to earn some extra money so I don’t take it too seriously like some other guys do

PornBuddy: So we can expect more scenes in the future? I think the fans would love to hear that!

Andy Lee: Yeah, It depends what gets offered to me I suppose

PornBuddy: So if you had the choice of what kinds of videos you could be offered, is there anything you would prefer to appear in? Are there any themes or styles of action that you would like to try out or experience?

Andy Lee: To be honest, from the beginning I did all this to make extra money, so I suppose I would rather do the one that would pay me the most

PornBuddy: I know you did some cam shows on your own Cam4 channel a while back, but have you considered focusing on that with a site like Xtube, creating your own subscription channel? I think you have enough fans to make that a viable and it would let you do what you want.

Andy Lee: Yeah I done cam4 a while ago but no I haven’t thought about doing anything else, and I don’t know anything about xtube or how it works

HardBritLads-Big-beefy-Lee-Andrews-Sean-Andrews-jerk-off-built-muscular-brother-bodybuilding-shoots-huge-thick-jizz-explosive-cumshots-015-tube-download-torrent-gallery-photoPornBuddy: I guess I need to ask the predictable question of how you got your brother into making videos too. I know you did another one this year for Hard Brit Lads (and your bro is looking pretty big these days too!), whose idea was it to work together?

Andy Lee: It was my idea because when I first told him about all this he went mad at me and thought I was gay lol But once I explained and told him about the money side of things, then I guess he just got his head around it

PornBuddy: Wasn’t it a little strange to be on video wanking with your brother? I know you’ve done it a couple of times now, but I think the fans might wonder how uncomfortable or awkward it might have been.

Andy Lee: No not at all ,my bro is like my best friend so the answer is no and I’m comfortable wanking in front of anyone, except maybe my granny lol that would be a bit weird

PornBuddy: So does this mean we can expect more duo/group wank vids from you in the future, if the opportunity is there?

Andy Lee: Haha, yeah definitely

Andy Lee can be watched on the following adult sites:





A Playful Cock Stroke With Two Straight Guys

November 17, 2014 Category :Amateur| Duo| Straight 0

Aaron Janes and Harry Long are a couple of straight guys with gorgeous uncut cocks and hot bods, and both love to stroke their stiffies to get a cum load out. They might be into girls, but when it comes to wanking both these straight guys are down for kicking back and stroking it together. Of course, this is the English Lads site, so you can expect them to go at least a little further than that!

Some sword fighting seems to have the playful straight dudes hard as steel as they bounce their stiff cocks against each other, their helmets exposed and wet with precum and lube, their shafts throbbing and veiny!

This is one of the best sites for watching straight guys sharing their cock with other guys for the first time, whether they’re just wanking together or sucking dick, or even fucking some arse. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing both these hot straight guys back for more pretty soon ;)

Click through to check out the free video.

A Playful Cock Stroke With Two Straight Guys 1

A Playful Cock Stroke With Two Straight Guys 2

A Playful Cock Stroke With Two Straight Guys 3

A Playful Cock Stroke With Two Straight Guys 4

Gym Muscle Dick

October 14, 2014 Category :Reader Experiences 0

LocoStroker UK

“I’m a bi guy, I work out, go to the gym three times a week and love seeing all the cocks in the showers. I am a bit of a perv in that way and I admit it. I love seeing guys with their dicks on show. One guy really turns me on and I get hard every time I see him. Last week I saw him in the showers and got hard straight away. He’s a real sexy guy, big and tattood with a lot of ink up his arms and all over his back. He’s massive and totally fucking gorgeous. He has a really nice cock too, pink and shaved smooth with pretty nice balls. I could tell he was getting a little hard as he soaped himself up and I was rock hard in an instant. His dick was chubby and his foreskin was sliding back to show off his pink helmet and all I could think about was wanking him off and making him cum. I had to leave pretty quickly after that because my dick was rock solid in front of me and dribbling precum!

I know I will never get the chance to wank with him, let alone wank him off. He’s married, he’s massive and scary looking, and he could pound me into the ground with one arm behind his back. Maybe that makes him sexier? I don’t know, all I know is I love seeing him naked and thinking about what it would be like to make that dick shoot.”

Hot straight guys beating each others meat!

October 14, 2014 Category :Duo| Pictures| Straight 0

Just thought I needed to do a bit of an update on the BuddyBate blog and give you something hot to look at. I found this pic of a couple of straight guys giving each other a stroking hand in a mutual wank session and knew you guys would appreciate it as much as me.

Straight guys mutual masturbation

Two horny straight guys share their cocks in a hot mutual wank

Manchester Wankers Arrive On The Forum

September 22, 2014 Category :News 0

It seems one of the members of the BuddyBate Male Masturbation forum has been out there promoting the club at a gym, and we’ve been seeing new guys signing up over the weekend from the same place. If you haven’t checked into the forum for a while, take a look at the new members and say Hi.

We’re now approaching 2000 guys!

The Forum Revived!

July 11, 2014 Category :News 0

Things have been a little quiet around here lately, but we’ve been working on getting the forum a new look and cleaning things up a little, and things have turned out rather nicely. So, get in there and get chatting, find some interesting guys to talk to and perhaps meet someone in your area for some wanking fun!

Buddybate forum

Punk daddy works his big cock

April 30, 2014 Category :Amateur| Solo| Video 0

I know you guys all like different styles of jack off, and all kinds of guys, and I think a lot of you are gonna love seeing this horny punk daddy pleasuring his big pierced cock before heading out to work. He really gets into it, playing with his ass, his nipples and that immensely hot dick of his. If you’re not into ink and piercings then this might not be for you, but I think a lot of you will enjoy this one.

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