Wanking buddies Kris Evans and Zac DeHaan cum together

Have I ever shared some of the mutual wanking buddies sessions from the Bel Ami Online site? I’m actually not sure, and I can’t be bothered to go back and check right now either. I’m more interested in getting his friendly jerk off session on here for you guys to check out and enjoy.

I know a lot of you will be rubbing one out to this.

We have massively hung cum cannon Kris Evans on the right, enjoying his big meaty uncut cock with his new buddy Zac DeHaan, and it’s so fucking horny there’s every chance you’re gonna be erupting a gigantic load to this one before they even start pumping their cream out.

I know we’re not all about the muscle, or even the big cocks, but you have to admit that seeing a couple of wanking buddies like these grabbing each other by the dick and stroking their friend off is damn hot to watch.

Can you imagine being there to add your own cock to this party?

Click through to see the video, but be aware they have a lot of solo and shared wanking videos going back years mixed in with real hardcore between their stars.

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