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Bate buddy gets blown by a dude for the first time – Tyler Hirst sucks Aiden Walsh

I know a lot of you are only into bating with other dudes, but a few times we’ve been asked to share some more cock sucking action on the blog by guys who are into swapping head with their buddies. While there is some good sucking in this new bonus video with Aiden Walsh and Tyler Hirst it has to be said that there’s a whole lot of mutual uncut cock play between these guys that’s gonna have a lot of you wanking along with them, so I think most of you are gonna enjoy this video either way.

If you don’t know much about either of these guys you should be checking them out and the videos they’ve been in before. Tyler is a big muscle former Royal Marine who had some wanking experiences with some of his military mates in the past. He suggested it might have been mostly about comparing cocks with his buddies, but it seems seeing all that hard dick being wanked got him a little bit curious about things. He was real excited to be showing off for the cameras in his first solo and even his girlfriend was okay with him exploring.

He was soon back and stroking cock with other lads, grabbing other dudes by the dick, frotting cocks together and unloading their cream. He was real into it, even getting his first taste of cock and seemingly loving it. He came back again and again, sharing his own perfect uncut pink cock with other straight lads, and going all the way with it.

Aiden was a little more reluctant. His big uncut was easily hard when he got the chance to bate with other dudes but he was a little more reserved about going too far. Thankfully he’s like a lot of lads and thinks with his dick eventually, and it was obvious his cock was loving the feel of another man’s meat against his, the stroking other guys can give, and the feel of another throbbing cock in his fist.

The guys share a lot of mutual dick play in this video, wanking each other off, rubbing their hard lengths against each other, building up the pleasure until Tyler gets his lips around that dick and starts sucking his new friend. Aiden loves it, of course! His boner is throbbing with delight while Tyler licks and slurps him, wanking his mate off and finally finishing with the guys laying back and spewing their cream out of their dicks!

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