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Bateman’s Gully Part 5 – Marking Territory

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Part 5 of Bateman’s Gully was originally released via the BuddyBate Patreon. This is now no longer available. Our exclusive fiction is now being released via the Book Of Bate, with each volume containing TEN original stories. Please click here for more information.

As Harry and Dave talked about the times they’d had with Jen, their dicks drooling in their fists, they could each feel the need to cum rising in their balls. Dave was laughing while he retold the story of Jen’s boyfriend catching them fucking in his kitchen and being chased out of the house with the guy wielding a spatula, yelling that he was gonna spank his ass. Harry was mostly enjoying the sight of his buddy’s cock in his fist, his fat balls gradually getting tighter between his hairy thighs. He started to think about cumming and what it would be like to see his buddy shooting off. That might have been what got him closer so quickly, and after a few minutes of silence while the two masturbated and openly watched the other he stood, aiming his cock to the side of where their unlit fire would soon be blazing.
“Careful where you shoot it buddy!” Dave muttered, his pace quickening, his tanned meat being rhythmically rubbed while his buddy’s cock took pride of place in his vision, two feet in front of him.
Harry said nothing as the first eruption of cum splashed from his pointed cock head, a long arc of satisfying white liquid flying through the air in front of them both, lashing out over the sandy earth feet in front of him. A grunt accompanied the sudden wet display as the intensity of the first wave rushed through his muscular body from the pulsating taint behind his tightened nuts.
It was almost instantaneous, as soon as Dave saw the first splash he was climbing out of his seat, standing alongside his buddy to watch the second, more powerful pump of cum launch from Harry’s cock, his own wider tool quickly blasting a heavy wad of cream in the same direction. Dave issued a similar sound as the semen left his body, quickly followed by a second blast as he gazed down.




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4 years ago

joined it last week and nearly caught up to this week. still gotta read the Boss one looks like that’s really fuckin horny.

4 years ago

Just wanna say this story is so fucking hot. Read it all now and I shot off twice. Loved the Boss story too but mostly coz I delivered pizza in college and had my own experiences. made me think of that. keep it coming (keep me cumming! lol)

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