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Hung straight lad Tyler Pierce shooting off a big load in a bonus video

Site reviewWhen I got the update for this video I was so eager to get in there and check out fit straight lad Tyler Pierce, so happy to see him back, that I didn’t even see that it was a bonus video from one of his past wanking sessions. I instantly felt a mix of disappointment and appreciation; sad that he wasn’t back to wank some more, but happy that we get a lot of extra footage from one of his great sessions.

If you haven’t seen him already you really need to check this lad out.

He’s a very fit and muscled young man, totally straight, but with an 8.5″ uncut cock that we would all love to play with. He’s one of those guys everyone wanted to see a lot more of after watching him stroking his hooded meat and splashing out his copious cum shots, and I think everyone on the site was really looking forward to seeing him being wanked off and maybe frotting his cock with some of the other guys.

I have to admit that I have a special appreciation for this guy right now because there’s a dude at my gym who looks a lot like him, and he’s got a great thick and long cock that seems to get a little chubby in the showers too. Believe me, I plan to see if he’s into some shared wanking as soon as possible, I just need to work on that ice-breaker. Something tells me he’s horny enough to enjoy some shared wanking with another dude, and I would be happy with just some side-by-side action and seeing his long foreskin sliding back and forth over this thick tool.
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As it is, we get two horny wank sessions and a couple of bonus videos with extra footage of the guy enjoying his big cock. I guess we can’t complain too much, any chance we get to see him enjoying that big pink boner should be taken.

Check out some of the shots from his solo and click through to watch him enjoying his dick and making a hot milky mess up his body, squirting his semen up over his chest and abs 🙂

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