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I Just Wanked With My Roommate!

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Submitted by Callahan

Thanks to your advice, I just wanked with my roommate for the first time!

It was fucking amazing.

I wrote in last month about my roommate showing his cock off all the time and asking for advice about maybe having a wank with him and you really helped me out big time 🙂

I followed your advice and started showing off like he does. I started walking to the bathroom in just my t-shirt and then naked a few times. He caught me a couple of times and it was no big deal. Then when we went to the gym when we were in the locker room he asked me about going to the pub and I told him I was meeting up with this girl from work I’ve been seeing. I took the opportunity and quietly told him about her sucking skills and that she swallows. I didn’t even get really dirty with it just described how she licks me and sucks my balls. A minute later we were both hard and even this older guy who was nearby was stiff lol

We just laughed about it like it was no big deal.

I pretended to check my phone and just stood there and we were both so fucking hard! His cock was pointing up and he said if she wanted two dicks to suck he was happy to help.

When we got back to the flat I told him she’d cancelled our hook up so he said about the pub again and I said I was just gonna stay at home and wank the night away. That was all he needed to hear and ten minutes later we were on the sofa watching tube videos with our stiff cocks in our hands! 🙂

It was a fucking great wank. I thought it would only be a quick one but he texted his mate and told him he was skipping the pub and we just sat there on the couch talking and wanking for two hours.

I can’t remember the last time I wanked for that long.

We went through all our fave porn videos and swapped stories about girls we’d hooked up with. It was fucking amazing just having that relaxed bator time together, just two horny dudes rubbing our cocks and talking dirty about all the pussy we’ve had.

He’s got a great dick. Turns out it’s about 8 inches. Mine is about 7. We kind of compared but not much. I’ve got a little birthmark on the side of my shaft and he noticed and asked what it was.

When we were finishing we both shot together. I started it and my cum was shooting up between my pecs and he started squirting with me. We both made a big mess on ourselves but it was fucking great. We both had a river of jizz from our pecs to our pubes lol

We went to the bathroom to clean up and that was it our first wank together was over. This all happened last night so I’m really hoping we can do it again soon. He seems really chilled out about it all like he’s done it all before so I think it’s going to be easy to just keep this bator friendship going.

I still really want to wank him and see if he wants to wank me but I’m not sure if that’s too far for him. I don’t mind just sharing our wanks and being horny bator bros though. It’s so fucking hot seeing another good cock being wanked and all that cum spewing out of it!

Thanks for your advice. Without that pushing me just a little bit in the right direction I don’t think would have happened. I’m so happy right now I just can’t fucking wait until the next time 🙂

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10 months ago

Yay! Congrats. 2 hours? Sounds like fun!

10 months ago

Nice one lad! Glad you got to experience some wank fun. Hope this leads to more with your mate!

9 months ago

Absolutely great to hear it all worked out! Wish I had been there to join in the fun.

8 months ago

That’s Awesome, Bro! Let us know how the next time goes, OK?

8 months ago

Wanking with another male, is an awesome experience. Especially starting out watching each other stroking yourself and then just reaching over and start stroking him and seeing the look on his face.

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