My Bator Life – Wanking With A Work Mate

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Submitted by Alfie8

After wanking off with my brother-in-law a few times I’d worked out properly that I was bisexual. I was into wanking cocks with other guys and I really wanted to feel another dick. I didn’t know how to make that happen. We didn’t have much of a gay scene anywhere near our town, there was one night a week where a pub hosted a gay night but it wasn’t for me. I knew I wasn’t into fucking with guys I was just into wanking and maybe trying sucking, it felt like you couldn’t really be in the scene unless you were totally in it if that makes sense.

When my sis broke up with her boyfriend our porn wanks ended. I really missed it. We’d become good mates and seen each other cum loads of times but when they split up it was over. I didn’t know anyone else who was into wanking it with mates like that so I went for years without rubbing out a load with a guy. After wanking off with him a couple of times it was just easy, just a cool way to chill out and enjoy ourselves. I knew it would be hard to find that again.

I came close once when I got my first job working at a pub but that was just catching a drunk guy tugging his cock at the urinals and he tried to grab my dick. He was a good looking guy with a long floppy dick but he was way too drunk and it didn’t feel right at all so I avoided that encounter.

The next time I had an opportunity was about 5 years later when I was working night shift security on a construction site. I was just supposed to be helping out for a couple of nights but it turned onto a longer gig and I was working with another lad around my age (24/5). He had a laptop to use and we used to bring DVDs to watch.

I still wasn’t properly looking for a new wank mate. I had a girlfriend at the time too. I was working with this guy for about a month when he brought porn in. It was almost exactly the same situation as my sister’s boyfriend. He was into peer-to-peer file sharing and he was raving about it saying how much free porn there was out there on the Internet. I wasn’t a tech person (still not) so I didn’t get it but he was soon showing me how it worked and started playing videos.

He joked about wanking at work and suggested taking turns and I just told him I used to watch porn with my sister’s boyfriend so it wasn’t a big deal.

That’s how it started with us. As soon as he knew I’d done it before he got his cock out lol

He told me he wanked off with one of his mates before too.

I think that was the first time I really worked out that a lot of guys are either into it or just don’t give a fuck. The second he knew I was cool about it his pink dick was out of his jeans and I was getting my cock out.

We even compared dicks that first night. We properly checked out each other’s cocks and joked about it. I can still remember exactly what his cock looked like. He was about 7 inches long and average girth. He had a long foreskin that was like a little tunnel at the end of his dick even when he was hard. His dick made a lot of precum too. It curved to the right a little bit.

That first time we probably wanked for about an hour. We watched three different videos and when it was time to finish he grabbed a paper coffee cup and started squirting his cum into it. I was cumming at the same time but I didn’t have time to grab anything so I tried to catch my load in my left hand lol

I made a big mess on the floor but it was just a shack anyway so it wasn’t a big deal. I don’t think any of the builders would have noticed the next day anyway.

After that we were wanking every night, sometimes twice a night. We didn’t do much patrolling around the building site because we were too busy rubbing our dicks lol

He became my second proper wank mate and even after we finished working together we stayed friends and we were wanking all the time. He was the one who got me on the Internet. When he bought a new laptop he gave me his old one and then he would come over and we would look for files and watch porn wanking ourselves silly.

I was still wanking it with him when I met my next wank mate. I’ll share that story soon if you want.

Thanks for the blog. Even though I’m not much of a writer It’s so much fun sharing my memories. I hope other guys are enjoying it.


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Lee stoddard
1 year ago

Hey thanks bud for your story,
You did ok writing for the first.
And yes we would like to read other experiences.
Got me hard and ready to walk a load or two. Thanks

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