New Stay-at-home entertainment ideas from BlokeToys

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With most of us now stuck at home and spending far too much time watching Netflix, playing computer games and wanking to some great porn, it’s important to mix things up. It’s a good opportunity for us to direct you to our friends at BlokeToys!

You probably know already they have hundreds of affordable masturbators, lubricants, cock rings and more for you to try, all great ways to mix up your jack off fun and keep things fresh and interesting. They’re still shipping around the world and new items are arriving all the time.

Here are just a few of their new products to try out!

Doc Johnson The Virgin Main Squeeze Masturbator

The Doc Johnson The Virgin Main Squeeze Masturbator isn’t your usual stroker. Based on the famous core design of the Fleshlight this fleshy tunnel comes with a special feature… a realistic hymen! The inner sleeve is an incredibly intense texture that will definitely have you learning some self-control methods, but twist the bottom cap for some adjustable suction and you’ll be unable to hold back! Click here to check it out.

Vulcan Plus Vibration Tight Mouth Masturbator

The Vulcan Plus Vibration Tight Mouth Masturbator is a new arrival in the Vulcan range, one of the best-selling designs among all male sex toys thanks to their discreet appearance and the pleasure they can deliver. They look like something you’d take into the shower, and according to some of our readers they’ve even enjoyed theirs at the gym! That will be coming soon, but in the meantime you’re gonna want to check out this snug masturbator and its impressive vibe function for yourself. Click for more info

Apollo Premium Dual Stroker Masturbator

Not gonna lie, I love my simple sleeves, and when I saw the Apollo Premium Dual Stroker Masturbator for the first time it was in my basket and ready to be checked out within minutes. Mine arrived this morning and I cannot wait to slide my cock in there and experience it for the first time. This special sleeve offers double the fun thanks to its reversible design, with ticklers on one side and a swirling ribbed design on the other. Pick your pleasure and ease inside, let the texture do its magic and the natural suction get you off! Click to see more.

Astroglide Naturally Derived Lubricant 120ml

I love some good lube. I have a healthy collection of products I can choose from for different styles of pleasure and you’d be surprised how your wanks can change when you swap out one lube for another. New Astroglide Naturally Derived Lubricant comes in a 120ml bottle and is safe for use with all your toys. It’s the most naturally crafted lubricant on the market as far as I can see. We all know the Astroglide brand means consistent quality so expect this to deliver some super slick stroking experiences and heightened contact for lengthy sessions of penile pleasure. Click to get yours.

These should keep you busy for a while, right? If you can’t treat yourself at a time like this, when can you? Let us know if you check out any of these products and come back to leave a comment, we’d love to see how you enjoyed them 🙂

Don’t forget, BlokeToys has hundreds more products to check out, with all kinds of amazing masturbators to choose from. Pay them a visit if you’re curious.

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