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Rufus Fitzroy shoots off two cum shots in his new wanking video

Site reviewI know straight boy Rufus Fitzroy got a lot of attention for his very first video, and I think we all understand why.

This boxer and gym fan is the kind of boy you can totally imagine having a whole lot of cock play with. He’s a good looking guy with a great body and a 7.5 inch uncut cock that seems to get hard pretty easily. He doesn’t seem shy about getting his dick out and showing it off and although we don’t know anything about his private life beyond his sporting activities I get the impression that he’s probably stroked his cum out with some buddies before.

He just has that feel about him, you can imagine him watching porn with a mate and getting his dick out for some stroking.

He’s a daring guy, and although I guess most of you probably aren’t into anal play and exploring that side of pleasure I don’t think you’ll mind seeing this horny straight boy trying something new and sliding a toy into his ass for the first time.

He really seems to like it. I guess he found that sweet spot pretty quickly because he’s soon pumping the toy in and out of his hole, his cock oozing clear juice as he slides his foreskin back and forth over his swollen tip.

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Check out the smile on his face as he fucks his hole with the dildo!

If you need any more evidence that he had a lot of fun, we get to see Rufus Fitzroy splashing out two cum loads, and they’re both good ones too.

I think we’re probably gonna get to see this lad rubbing his cock against another lad’s hard dick soon, and I can’t wait to see that. They’ve had some other great guys arrive there over the last few weeks and I can imagine some of those will be up for some mutual wanking and cock frotting too.

Check out some of the tame pics from the video but go and check out the full fun, you’ll be cumming with him.

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