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Rugby player wankers – not far off the truth

Submitted by Greg

I read the recent Rugby player story and couldn’t help but laugh to myself at how close to the mark it was. I’ve been playing for years and been on a couple of teams. In the late 90’s when I was just getting into the sport out of college I joined a team and had a lot of great experiences with the lads.

It was a lot of drunken fun and games and there was a lot of cock flashing on nights out down the pub, but I shared some great wanks with a couple of the lads too. We never had any gang wank like described in the story but I remember one night after a heavy drinking sesh me and two of the other guys had a long wank session at his place.

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We’d been out on the lash that afternoon after a game in the morning and a few of the guys went back to his place. His wife had fucked off to her mums to get out of the way (she hated having the lads there) and we all just sat around drinking and watching TV for a few hours. A couple of the guys passed out and just me and two others were left by the time the porn came on.

Pretty soon cocks were out and we all had a good wank. I don’t remember if everyone jizzed but I know I did. That was the first time I wanked with anyone and it great seeing other hard dicks being stroked.

There were a few good wank sessions after that.

It’s definitely true that us Rugby lads don’t give a fuck when it comes to getting our dicks out!


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