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There’s a mystery local bater near me

Submitted by Steve

So I finally got my stickers and pin and got them on my car last Monday. Leaving work on Wednesday; I find a note on my windshield that said ‘Great sticker, I have one too. We’ll have to get together and see what kind of fun we can work out.’ No contact info or hint who the fellow bater is. Guess I’ll just have to wait for him to contact me again.

Who is in the Jacksonville FL area?

Hi Steve,

This sounds a lot like when we get submissions to the blog and they never leave any information about themselves or how other bators can get in touch with them ๐Ÿ™‚

I guess they either overlooked leaving details or want to be a bit of a tease, either way it’s great to see the stickers working for you. Hopefully they’ll see this and leave a comment.

Keep us updated!

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I'm Brad, and I'm an avid masturbator. I'm the primary author here at BuddyBate, publishing the experiences of readers, adding fiction content submitted by visitors and sharing some of the best masturbation porn available.

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2 thoughts on “There’s a mystery local bater near me

  • April 4, 2019 at 8:52 pm

    sounds mysterious and exciting. Keep us informed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • April 5, 2019 at 6:39 am

    In the age OF Social Media, it is possible for electronic newsletters and matching services to literally redefine the way people think and act about various behaviors! I feel BateBuddy is a natural and wholesome evolution of ‘thinking’ on physicality, the manner in which we regard masturbation and potentially how EVERYONE gets along with each other in handling ourselves (pun intended). I know years and years ago there were ‘Personals Ads’ in the back pages of regional, weekly Arts & Entertainment magazines I saw, one serving the metropolitan area around America’s Capitol, Washington D.C. The advertisement was for a monthly meet-up type social club close-in to D.C. where men could gather and masturbate together. This simply sounded like ‘Fun’ to me but, immediately the logistics of getting TO the event, locating parking and walking into an unfamiliar situation became ‘logical mind’ considerations! The time I saw this advertisement was essentially before Smartphones exploded in popularity only going and being ‘in’ an event like that implied massive amounts of trust; even if nobody was taking anyone’s picture. It was Washington, the seat of political power and opportunity where many, many people universally seek to ‘gather dirt’ (gossip, knowledge, facts, etc.) on each other every day! Would it be worth the risk of collateral damage simply to experience a little group pleasure? How many people would attend? Ultimately, I never made it to the monthly event but, it definitely made ‘an impression’ on me, on my memory, and on my way of thinking about the entire subject of wanting! Tossing off, stroking, or enjoying my own physicality whether I was single, married or whatever – and for further perspective I was single but exclusive when first moving to the area in question and then married my now wife during that time. My point in sharing this information is to hopefully demonstrate the subject of guys gathering for social time with a self-pleasuring agenda is far from being a new thing! ~ The implicit trust in revealing this interest is enormous, huge, gigantic – yea, bigger than the biggest member you have ever seen! So lastly I would offer the idea ‘we’ (men) need to realize the trust component’s importance is two-way, three-way or poly-way in these situations… almost to the point of demanding a legally binding non-disclosure agreement needing to be signed by each attendee in a reception area before entering into the main party lounge, living room, downstairs Den or wherever the gathering is held. I hope this perspective is useful and NOT discouraging to readers, because that is not my intention; truly! ~ I look forward to reading articles, first-person perspectives and any fiction BateBuddy shares through it’s services at this time. Maybe the late 2010s and early 2020s will mark the dawning of an unexpected era in SOCIAL self-pleasuring and mutual edging or orgasming for everyone! Young, old, single, married, Blue collar mates or PhDs!


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