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Watched a mate wanking last weekend

Submitted by SteveBo82 in Essex

“Been a member here on an off for a while now but never had the balls to get any wanking with any strangers on here. Had a couple of wanks with a mate ten years ago in my late teens but wanted to have that again. It was always fun to rub one out watching porn with a mate.

Last weekend I had a mate of mine staying at my place and we had a few beers and got onto a tube site. It wasn’t planned or anything and I wasn’t even thinking about wanking with him but after a few minutes of clicking and watching some clips he got his cock out.

He’s a good mate of mine and I’ve seen his cock before a couple of times on drunk nights out or when he was crashing at my place but never hard and never wanking. I felt fucking awkward for a couple of minutes but then I got my cock out too and we sat there on the sofa wanking ourselves off watching porn.

I know he checked out my cock a few times and when I started cumming he was watching my spunk pumping out then I watched him cum a couple of seconds later. It was really good and I hope we get to do that again. Still not interested in wanking another cock but it was great to be able to just enjoy it with a mate like that.”


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