Why I Love Outdoor Wanks

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Submitted by Drew

Been a reader here for a while but decided it was about time I sent something in for the guys to read.

I’m a 38 year old married man who loves outdoor wanks.

I’ve always liked getting my cock out and shooting a load of cum in random places. Never anywhere too risky or where I might offend someone, but just places out of sight.

When I was in college I used to wank on my way home. I would stop in the same place in the woods and just get my dick out and splash a load over the ground.

I suppose that’s when my appreciation for it started.

There were a few spots I liked to visit after that. It was fun finding new places to enjoy a good wank without anyone knowing. They were always solo though.

My first experience with another wanker was at a music festival in 2012. We were sitting around outside the tents at 4am and he pulled out a porn mag and we just sat there wanking off to the pages together. That was the first time I ever wanked with a guy and it was amazing. We never touched each other’s cocks but I wanted to feel his dick.

He had a nice looking cock. Mine is okay, about 6.5″. His was longer and thicker. It was really refreshing to find another wanker who wasn’t shy with their cock. We watched each other jizzing all over the ground at the same time.

I still haven’t touched another guys cock but I’ve come close a few times. I’ve had urinal wanks with a couple of guys but it’s just showing off and watching each other splash a load out.

There was one guy at the gym too, just an older guy with a hard one giving it some rubs in his shower and we watched each other shoot.

It’s still fun but I’m waiting for that chance to properly rub another cock and try some frotting.

In the meantime I’m enjoying outdoor wanks.

It’s been too cold here in the UK to really enjoy it much over the last month but the weather is getting better so I’ve been taking the opportunity to visit a few of my favourite spots and splash some jizz out.

I think I like it so much because it’s like an adventure. It feels good to get my cock out and feel the breeze on my helmet and nuts. I always think about what it would be like to meet anther outdoor wanker, a guy I can just meet at the same spot every week or something, just go and wank each other’s cocks and make each other splash.

There’s something almost spiritual about experiencing a climax in the outdoors like that. Maybe I’m just different but it feels kind of primal and natural.

My wife has no idea about all of this but she enjoys outdoor sex. We don’t do it much but when we go on holiday to Cornwall or the rare visits to Spain we usually find a place to enjoy some fun and it’s always good.

I still prefer my outdoor wanks though!

Thanks for reading guys. I’d be interested to read any comments from other outdoor wankers.

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1 month ago

I love a good outdoor wank too, and yeah that feeling of the he breeze over your balls is awesome, I live in Wiltshire, if you’re local we should meet, look into the personal ads for tidworth and you’ll find my details mate

1 month ago

I would like to try a wank outside, but I live in a highly populated city. I gotta go far to find a nice spot without any eyes on me (unless those eyes are looking for the same thing). Definitely on my list of things to do this summer.

1 month ago

I love it too! I’m near Liverpool myself

1 month ago

Nothing better than that breeze round your balls as your tugging your meat outside..ready to spunk and unload
Love it..Any chance i get, i stop in a layby, there are several quiet ones near where i live, so its out the car jean and Boxers down.
Cock out..and wank away

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