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Andy Lee is taking bookings for meets?!

Well, this was news I wasn’t expecting to see this morning when I logged into Twitter to check out the news. Among the nonsense about North Korea setting off nuclear explosions and Lady Gaga writing songs on typewriters I found a lovely cock out pic of hung straight Irish hunk Andy Lee announcing that he’s taking bookings for personal meets.

Like you I don’t know exactly what this means.

Someone else has asked the question no doubt many others also want to know… is that option open to men and women? Would it be open to guys just looking to shoot a load with a good cummer who loves to stroke it? So many questions!

I’m reluctant to put any words in his mouth but given that he’s always been into wanking one out with his mates I guess wanking one out with a fan wouldn’t be that much of a big deal to him. Maybe the only way to know is to message him on Twitter and find out?

Mainly I wanted to write this post just because he has a fucking great cock and whenever that thing is on show I want to share it on the blog for you guys to appreciate. He also happens to be a really great guy. I highly recommend you check out all the other posts with Andy Lee, watch some of his wank videos, see that dick spew out a massive load… most importantly, go and check out the interview with Andy from back in 2015.




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