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Building site buddies beating off

Submitted by Gary in London

My first major job as a plumber was on the Olympic village in London. Met some great lads there but Danny was the guy I worked with every hour of every day right from the start. We were working on a plumbing team for the hotel buildings and it was a good laugh. It was a hard gig and everyone was working flat out to get the buildings up in time but we managed to have fun.

We became good mates within the first week. After work we used to go down the local and play some pool and have a few pints. Soon after starting he moved into the flat I was sharing with one of the other lads on our team. It was cramped and we had to share a room but it was alright.

When you work with someone like that and you’re around them all the time you get to know everything about them pretty quickly. Tradies ain’t exactly known for being shy so you get used to seeing dicks.

I was never into dicks before then but when you see your mate pissing ten times a day and wanking to porn at night you get used to it and I guess I realized he had a nice looking cock.

I can’t really remember how it all started but I think it was seeing each other’s dicks taking a break and pissing off the side of the building. On the third or fourth day we were both taking a piss over the edge and he was hard. We joked about it and I said he was probably hard because of my nice long cock. I was only fucking about with him but I think it might have actually been true. He didn’t shoot a load that time but he gave his cock a few strokes and soon my dick was getting hard. We did what any lad would do and compared our dicks.

I don’t know about other guys reading this but when I see a hard cock I get hard. It’s always been that way, it’s kind of an unspoken thing guys don’t talk about. Years ago I was on a footie team and one time I saw our ref in the showers with the biggest stonking stiffy and my cock got hard instantly. I had to leave. Some of the other lads took the piss out of him for it and I didn’t want to be that guy.
straight boys Dominic Moore and Tom Lawson wanking each other
So it was either the pissing stiffies or the wanking in the room, something got us beating the bishop together. He was always wanking at night. Even when he was getting some pussy he would still be rubbing one out in the morning before our shift or after watching porn.

Neither of us was shy about it and before long we were both watching porn on his laptop in the room and wanking off. We did some comparing and had a couple of contests to see who could cum first. He always fired off his cum before I did but I was the bigger shooter.

It was just a good laugh.

It took me a while after that to work out I was into it more than I thought.

It got me into wanking with mates and I never stopped.

I don’t get the chance to hang out with Danny much now but I think we would probably get right back into wanking off together if we had the chance. Some of my other mates are into wanking each other off but most of the time it’s just watching porn and seeing each other spurt.

I know most of the guys who read this blog and write in don’t talk labels but I decided to call myself bi after playing with dicks. It’s just easier to do that. When I started being open about it and telling guys I was into it I found a lot of other guys were into it.

Danny doesn’t know I’m into wanking other lads off these days but I think he would probably be down for that if we had the chance to have a good session again.

Thanks for the blog. It’s great seeing all the other lads out there sharing their experiences. I love wanking off to the fiction too. Can we have more of that please? 🙂

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