First Visit to a Local JO Club

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Submitted by James H

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Earlier this year – before all the Coronavirus uproar – I decided I’d finally
try visiting a nearby mutual masturbation club: Stumptown Strokes, in Portland, Oregon. I had some idea of what to expect; I’d had random group jack-off sessions – often mutual – with various classmates in my college days over 30 years ago. Since that time, start-up company jobs working insane hours, family, medical and body image issues have meant keeping these proclivities buried. I was also – simply – a laser-focused techno-geek who was oblivious to any opportunity presented to me; sigh… Solo JO has always been nice, but I remembered liking mutual JO – a lot, actually; I just wasn’t brave enough and/or didn’t know what to do about this desire when a more-general public was involved.

In the last 5 years, I’ve lost enough weight (more than 45 lbs.) to correct
several health- and fitness-related issues: diabetes II, high cholesterol,
hypertension, shortness of breath, etc. All are gone (or nearly so).
(Retirement also helped a lot.) I also have been going to the gym, working with a trainer, doing some distance bicycling, etc. The results I was seeing made me feel better about myself (mentally and physically) – and not be embarrassed about my appearance, for example, at a local nudist club I belong to. I’m not a gym rat by any means – just feeling better about how I look and feel.

I finally found and visited on-line sites like BateWorld and,
discovering JO clubs that weren’t far away! I was quite nervous about 1.) all
the time since I’d last done anything like this, and 2.) doing mutual JO with
guys of a wide variety of ages (vs. college, where everyone was about the same age, comparable developmentally & with similar libido). So: I found a way to attend one of the once-monthly Wed. evening group sessions organized by Stumptown Strokes – The rules of conduct were comfortable for me: “No lips below the hips”, “No one’s anything goes into anyone’s anyplace”, “Mutual play is encouraged, but not required” and “Non-play-related talk needs to be very quiet”. I’d reached a “now or never” mental state.

The venue is a shared club space, used by different groups at scheduled times. I arrived at the start of the entry period; after ½ hour, further entry is
blocked for safe, secure play at the facility. The group’s friendly, easy-
going organizer introduced himself, the layout of the club and setup for these stroking sessions (limited gym locker storage, Albolene, paper towels, water, bathroom, shower, sheet-draped furniture, rules review for new attendees).

Other attendees gradually filtered in and disrobed; some got toys ready. They varied in (apparent) age from 20-something to 70’s, averaging maybe 45; many body types and ethnicities represented. (One of the really nice things about Portland, OR is the multi-ethnic presence; one can get really good food of almost any variety here.) When I took off my jeans revealing my ErgoWear jock, I got some encouraging, friendly comments; more when I put on my ball weight/stretcher. For me, these weights increase sensation, but are also an aid to delaying/edging; plus I like the gentle swinging and light pull on my nuts! A couple of other guys had stretchers or weights also; there were a few cock rings, jocks (which would soon be stripped off during play) and some harnesses. The majority were “unadorned” – except for socks or beach footwear.

Initially, the 25-or-so guys that gradually arrived did self-play to warm up;
we were all taking glances at each other as bate fuel and checking out
different bate methods. Most of us began standing and walking about, then
asking permission to stroke one-another’s cock or “help” in some other way,
like stroking chest, nipples, thigh or abdomen, some neck kissing or playing
with balls. Damn, some of these guys have nice balls. Because the reserved
time was 2 hours, no one really wanted to hurry; most action was luxuriously slow. Almost ½ of the guys were edging and would let each other know when to slow/pause, and when stimulation could be resumed.

A few guys knew they could cum a couple of times in the allotted 2 hours, so
they encouraged multiple guys to help them orgasm early – to appreciative
comments all around. That “broke the ice”, and now groups of 2, 3 or 4
formed, working on each other; there were some circles of up to 5 guys.
There were covered chairs and sofas to sit on, a bed, and other items. One
45-ish redhead laid down, face-up, stroking on the massage table; he soon had 5 guys standing around the table stroking or playing with both feet, leg & thigh hair, balls, cock, abdomen, pits & nipples, neck – gently, gradually.
He moaned deliciously as we helpers ministrated, then paused synchronously; he wanted to cum, so we continued until he did so – but not too fast.

I approached, and shared stroking, with another guy wearing ball-weights.
About ½ of the activity being swinging or tugging on the balls & weights, the
rest stroking each other’s shafts, one hand for each “target”. I was
interested that we both liked the weights for about the same reasons:
sensitivity control and as an edging aid. I had to pause earlier than he,
because I’d gotten close to my edge; I continued until he was likewise
edged. He liked me rotating my hand around the shaft as I pulled away from his pubes. (So did I.). His cock was one that curved distinctly upwards
when (really) hard; that was new for me, and I asked his guidance if there
was anything particular to do for him. He said: “No, just follow the curve,
twisting, all the way to the head.”

There were guys working on another by reaching around from behind; he did not know who was helping out from one moment to the next, or if the guy working on the cock was the same one caressing his thighs, etc. I can see how that might be delicious. 2 guys were moving wildly while frotting in various ways. The 25-ish guy (nice hipster-ish handlebar mustache) was being worked on by a 50-ish guy with salt&pepper gray hair and a nice build; it was clearly not the 1st time at a Strokes event for either of them, and they seemed to know when, how and what to do for each other’s benefit. Nonetheless, there were always a rotating few guys stroking solo, or taking a breather until ready to play/edge again.

A few guys began to leave after about 45-50min; they’d gotten off, seen other folks they’d wanted to see (& touch), or had later evening commitments. This seemed to give those remaining license to be more verbal; louder moans were happening. A few guys reclining or laying on the bed were being edged just-exactly-right; sometimes with loud, approving comments like: “Oh, yes!”, “More of that!”, “Oh my God!”, “Pinch my nips!”, “Stroke it faster/harder!”, or the specific (but definitely sexy), repeated, low-voiced “Penis! Penis!”. This scene was hot for me to experience because at college – and no other time since – could I or those around me be loudly demonstrative.

I finally decided I’d edged enough. I approached another one of the guys with ball weights to stroke together and see if we could try to shoot at about the same time. After a moment it became obvious that whomever came 1st, the other would be triggered over the edge instantly. While standing facing each other just a bit off-center, we stroked each other’s neck and chest, switching between fondling balls and stroking cock. We had a small audience listening to our moans, themselves stroking – not like it was anything different than had already been going on this evening. The other guy came 1st (barely), and I spread out my legs and arms like Leodardo ds Vinci’s Virtuvian Man to enjoy pumping out a couple of cum shots. (I’m not a big shooter, nor do I have any more than a medium sized, unremarkable “package”, so I stretch out the rest of my body to spread the exquisite feeling.)

Like others before and after, we got paper towels and sanitizer wipes to clean up our mess on the floor. That’s difficult, though, if you just got
weak-kneed! While we knew we did not have time to work up to another cum shot (I’m not a libidinous teen any more), we could work (with others) to help those remaining who have not, yet, gone over the edge. That’s actually almost as satisfying, making me smile: seeing a bate-bro go over this magical, ecstatic edge. I tend to feather brush others’ chest, arms,
pits, pubes. The other guy with weights liked doing nips, thighs & butt
cheeks, others stroke dick or balls. We did this for a few guys as the scene
thinned out, approaching the 2 hour reserved time.

At the end, we could wipe/towel off, rest on the couches in the dressing area; some took hot showers. Redressing to leave felt, well, regretful I’d be
leaving this friendly, helpful and mutually understanding group experience.
I thanked the organizer and several of the remaining guys I’d certainly be
back again. I was (for the next month’s event), but now everything is on
hiatus for this worrying Covid-19 period. I am anxious to “cum” back when
safety returns.

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6 thoughts on “First Visit to a Local JO Club

  • June 3, 2020 at 8:37 pm

    Thanks for posting a very interesting and detailed account of your visit to your local JO club. I have visited bathhouses and other kinds of men’s sex clubs before, and I been lucky to have had some great group JO experiences in various settings over the years, but I have not visited an actual JO club, it sounds really great!

  • June 5, 2020 at 3:44 pm

    Thank you for the we’ll written, descriptive recap. I was at this event and it was my first also. Looking forward to the return of these events. Stay well

  • June 9, 2020 at 4:39 pm

    I love the smell of cum that would be so hot to smell all of that jizz in one room

    My cock is pounding hard now thank you

  • June 11, 2020 at 10:41 pm

    Great story..
    Enjoyed reading your experience – now l want to find such a club in my area.

    • July 11, 2020 at 12:28 am

      Thank you so much for sharing such a detailed and descriptive review and having stroked with a maximum of 3 guys would love to attend a bigger group .. more so now!! Sadly there seems to be far fewer of this type of group in the UK and as far as I know not one near me. Shame.
      Thanks and I’m sure once safe again you’ll enjoy spilling many more mutual loads!

  • July 24, 2020 at 11:35 pm

    Wow great story and made me so hard. Work in downtown Portland and really need a place to JO during the week. Any suggestions?


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