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Jacking It With A Big Dicked Buddy, I Want To Jack It For Him

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Submitted by Ethan

I’ve jacked it with two dudes. The first was a buddy in college and the second is work and drinking buddy.

I’m 35 and straight but I love to bate and I’ve enjoyed all my experienced jacking it with other guys. When it started with my college buddy it was just convenience and we were both cool about getting our dicks out. We never jacked each other we just watched porn and shot some loads off. It was fun. Never really thought much about mutual jacking of frotting or anything like that back then.

Things are different with my work buddy. We still haven’t jacked each other or anything like that but I’m more into that than I was. That’s why I’m here at BuddyBate I guess.

He’s 29 and straight. He’s got a big fucking cock. We jack off a few times a month. It’s usually when we’re just hanging out and having a few beers, watching porn and shooting the shit. We get our dicks out and have a good time stroking. We’ve talked about our cocks and compared. His is almost 9 inches so it of course we’ve talked about it lol

I’ve seen other big cocks like that but it’s different when it’s right there next to you. I’m always watching him playing with it and I can’t stop wondering what it would be like to jack it for him.

I don’t think he would be down for that. We do check out each other’s dicks a lot and we usually shoot off at the same time and finish together watching each other nut, but he’s very straight and never gave me the impression he would be into anything more than DIY jacking.

Do you think he’d be down to let me jack it or should I just be happy I’ve got a bate buddy?

Hey Ethan, thanks for your submission.

I’ve known a few very hung men in my time and while most of those were already in the Bator community and more than happy to swap cocks there have been a couple who were just random wanks, just friends who happened to be well hung and easygoing like you describe with your buddy.

In my own experience they’ve been okay with letting a buddy feel it. Maybe I was just lucky and they were open minded enough but I get the feeling guys with real big cocks like that kind of get off on having guys admiring their dick, and maybe you just need to ask if you can jack it and see what it would feel like to handle a big one like that?

We don’t know him so it’s hard to assess his character, but if you’re jacking it regularly it’s probably safe to say he’s not going to freak out about the request. If he says no then you can move on from that and just enjoy your bate together. If he says yes then you have the opportunity to explore it and he might be down to make mutual jacking a part of your friendship.

You really don’t know until you ask.

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2 years ago

Certainly understand your situation there, next time you’re jacking off together just say something like ” wow your cock is awesome compared to mine ” followed by ” do you think it would be ok if I touch it ” if he says yes proceed slowly doing what you know feels good.
I hope you succeed.

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