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Jerking off together in the steam room

Submitted by Anonymous in Germany

I have only had one experience but I think about it a lot now.

Several years ago I was visiting another city and thinking about moving for a new job and the hotel I was staying in had a gym and steam room. I had used steam rooms before and enjoyed it so I went to try it again.

I was in there alone for a long time before someone else came in. He was about my age and quite well built. He had been working out I assumed.

We greeted each other and he sat down in front of me on the other bench and his towel fell open with his very large penis between his legs on display to me.

I felt very uncomfortable about this but I didn’t say anything and we continued talking about things. He talked about his fiance a lot and I told him about my wife and about maybe moving to this city for a new job.

He started playing with his penis and he was getting hard while talking to me. I started to wonder if this was normal and whether maybe I had come into a gay sauna. I had heard about them before but this was a very nice hotel and I didn’t think it could be that.

I thought about saying something to him or maybe being polite and just leaving. But then I started to get aroused too.

This was a very new experience for me and I wasn’t sure why it was happening.

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A few moments passed and we were still talking while he was masturbating in front of me. By this time my own penis was very erect and pointing up out of my towel.

Inexplicably I started masturbating too and we watched each other. He complimented me on my length and thickness and I told him he had an attractive penis too.

We continued this way for half an our and then he took off his towel and held it in front of him to ejaculate. I knew he was about to finish so I stood next to him and we both masturbated together pointing our cocks at the towel he was holding.

It was a very erotic experience to see him ejaculating with both our cocks there together and I began too. We both made a very large mess all over the towel together and then he said see you later and left.

I thought about it for a long time after that and later I sought videos of men enjoying similar things. Today I still enjoy watching videos of men masturbating together and I read stories and experiences about it on blogs like this one thinking about what it would be like to have a friend like that.

My wife doesn’t know anything about this but I would very much like to have such experiences again.

Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Jerking off together in the steam room

  • September 14, 2017 at 9:26 am

    I went to a gym in Stockholm a few years ago and there were guys wanking in the steam room. I had a great time grabbing dicks and got my cock emptied by a great jock lad in his 20’s who made me cum all over his dick and then soaked himself with his own load. It was one of the best experiences of my wanking life.


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