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Submitted by idontwearhats

It’s been a while since I’ve had a bate buddy. I’m bi, just about to turn 41, in the best shape of my life and have been in a committed relationship to a dude for nine years. While things are great with my partner, I’m definitely the avid bator of the two of us. Rather than just banging one out just to get off when I’m horny, I have a fair amount of alone time to really kick back and edge one a few times a week. As a couple, we don’t really get into long cock play and I miss that.

Our sex life has slowed way down over the last few years, and while I don’t want anything romantic with anyone else, I began to think back to my mid-20’s and late teen years about a few bate-buddies I had. I had so much fun just kicking back with a good friend, getting our cocks out and watching some porn together. As many of you have explained in your own stories, bating with a buddy is just a different type of experience than sensual encounters you have with your romantic partner.

A few years ago I discovered BuddyBate and after reading many of the stories realized that there are many straight, bi, and gay men who have a bate kink – whether that be just DIY with a buddy or some form of helping each other out. I tried to use another bator site to meet some dudes on cam, and even tried some of those hook-up apps, but I kept running into other guys who wanted much more than I did out of the experience or never followed through when we would make plans. I’m pretty introverted and don’t really enjoy forced hook-up style experiences anyway, so that scene just wasn’t for me.

Fast forward to a couple months ago when I started working at a new company. In the first week I met a guy that works in our facilities department who seemed pretty cool. Straight, married, early 40s, and healthy. He’s an interesting dude who shares some similar interests with me, so we hit it off and became fast friends. A few weeks into our new friendship, he began teasing about some “kinks” he has over our text messages. After asking a few pointed questions, I found out that he’s an avid bator like me who used to have some buddies in the past but hasn’t had anyone to enjoy that kink with for a long time. He’s was completely unaware there are actually communities of guys like us, so that was eye opening for him when I told him about BuddyBate.

Every time we hang out or get a chance to chat at work over lunch, our conversations always turn to sex and eventually our dicks. We’ve shared a lot about ourselves and our romantic lives over the last few months but even though our topics always shift to our dicks, we haven’t had a chance to enjoy our bate together. That is until yesterday…

We have this joke about taking WJ (work jerk) breaks, and yesterday I get a text at about 2pm saying “it’s about time for WJ.” I had a meeting coming up in an hour, but had just enough time to bang one out. I went to the most secluded bathroom I usually use to wank one out on occasion at work, but it was taken. When I was off to find another spot, I got another text to meet my buddy in a different restroom in the stall next to the one he was occupying.

When I entered the stall I checked under the wall to make sure it was my buddy in the stall next to me (his shoes were a give away lol). I dropped my pants and got to work on my cock. I got a text from my buddy that he can see me stroke – the size of the stalls was different enough that he could get good look at me through the crack between the actual wall and stall but I couldn’t see him! At first I said, NO FAIR! playfully, but then really got into it. We texted a bit back and forth, and he commented on the size of my dick (it’s a good 8 inches cut and thick with just a little foreskin left). I’ve never had another guy enjoy himself watching me bate before, and I got really into that even though I couldn’t see him at all.

After about 10 minutes he let me know he was close and that was my cue. I blew a huge load all over my abs and of course some hit my shirt (thankfully it was dark enough…). We cleaned up and exited the bathroom a few minutes after each other. I got a text a bit later from him saying that was pretty hot, and next time we need to find more time and get more personal. I immediately got hard again. lol

While that’s not the most exciting story, I’ve realized that there are plenty of dudes out there who are most likely interested but need to approach this kind of thing organically and on their own terms. I knew an experience would eventually happen between us, but I wasn’t sure when. It was a good surprise in a rather mundane Tuesday at work and I’m excited for what will come next.

I have other good friends, but it’s a bit different when you can actually talk about “unspoken” things like your masturbation habits, kinks, porn and the like with your bro. It’s not just horny, but it’s amazing to be that open and honest with somebody. Hopefully I’ll have another story to share soon. For now, the moral of the story is to be patient – your bate buddy will eventually come.

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1 year ago

i’ve never related so much to a post. the hook-up thing never works for me. hoping the organic experience eventually comes my way

1 year ago

M first experience was very natural. In a public toilet cubicle. Notice a peep hole in the wall. Look through to see a nice big stiff cock jerking. He watched me looking and kept going. It got busy with people coming in so he left. I followed him out and decided to talk to him about what was going on. He was very honest with me, and we spoke about jerking for a bit.

At this point I was getting hard. He went back in to ‘wash his hands’, and I followed him back in and there he was at a urinal semi hard, working his cock. I his was my first experience so I was a little nervous. There was now no one around. We stood here for a while just stroking our cocks, until I plucked up the courage and I grabbed his dick and started wanking him off. It felt amazing. Someone came in so we went back to fake pissing.

When the guy wasn’t looking we snuck into a cubicle and shut the door quietly. I started working on his dick in every way possible. In the end he got to nervous and left. I was left with a hardon which I left for home. Great experience

1 year ago

I’m always wanking it in the toilets at work and been caught by one bloke giving it a tug at the urinals but he either pretended not to see my cock or wasn’t interested. I would love it if a guy caught me and wanted to join in and talk about our dicks.

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