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Reddit users share their wanking tips

I do love Reddit, sometimes.

For those who don’t know it’s a place where you can pretty much post whatever, anonymously, and have interesting discussions about all kinds of things. Of course, most of those who use it are young men and gamers, so you can imagine that a lot of the time it’s about wanking and sex.

I was checking out some of the various posts on there this morning and found a few tips and tricks that I felt compelled to share with you guys…

Seriously, orgasm denial. Jerk off as often as possible, but don’t cum. Get yourself as close as possible the then stop. Do this over and over for a few days. When you finally came it will blow your mind.

edit: cumulative -> cum. Swipe got me good that time.

(guy here) I don’t know how it works but I’ll sit back and Masterbate by typical stroking. Then when I am right on the brink I stand up and tense my legs. This combination must do something to my prostate cause I fire out a hell of a blast that lasts.

25M. Do feel weird, but someone posted this on sexxit before. Basically, you just massage the dick right below the head and do nothing else. Kinda surprised it worked at first, but felt good.

Not that weird, but gets mentioned much less often than vibrators: fleshlight/pocket pussy/similar sleeve device.

If I’m getting close too soon, I pull my balls a little.

I love to hump my cock into a toy, always makes me cum hard.

A nice cock ring does it for me. Used to use rubber bands and then bought a proper one and it started a bit of an addiction.

Used to share wanks with a mate and he got me into using lube. Never bothered with it before that because I drip a lot of precum but glad he got me into it. Feels great getting slippery and having a long wank.

Use both hands. Grab your cock at the root with one and use your lubed hand on the shaft and head. Feels fucking fantastic!

Do it when you’re really tired. For some reason this gives me a bigger climax and a bigger load.

It’s interesting to see that there are plenty of guys out there who don’t know a lot of the basics. Even something as common as edging is something new to a lot of them. It makes me wonder about how limited guys are in their masturbation. Sure, most guys are too busy thinking about the next person they’re gonna stick it into, but guys should be paying just as much attention to how they get themselves off.


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