Self cum facial for a reader thanks to Wankster77

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Submitted by Anon

I found this site yesterday and just wanted to send you a message to say thanks for making me shoot cum in my face! I just discovered the stories and experiences here and I started reading through some of them and just couldn’t stop. I’ve never jerked off with a guy but I like thinking about it and reading the posts here got me so worked up.

After reading the men’s room experience by Wankster77 I couldn’t take it any more and started stroking it. My cock as so hard and so wet, my dick was just drenched in pre. After only a couple of minutes I was firing off a massive cumshot, hitting myself in the face. I haven’t had an accidental self cum facial like that for probably ten years or more. I used to be a distance shooter when I was in my early 20’s and I had to be careful where my cock was aiming when I started cumming but it’s been a while so I just wasn’t expecting it.

The first squirt got me in the eye and then I was just firing again and again all over my face, over my mouth, dripping from my chin, over my chest…

I even hit the wall behind me.

Thanks. Pass my wet regards to Wankster77 and let him know I look forward to a lot more.

Note from Admin:

Glad we could be of assistance! I’m sure Wankster77 will see this post 🙂

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5 years ago

The reader experiences, real life stories are the best thing here – always get me going big time

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