Uncut Straight Guy Louis Martin Is A Bate Addict!

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Video title: Young Muscular Hairy Teen Wanks his Hard Uncut Cock & Squirts a Huge Load all over Himself!

Studio: EnglishLads

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This is the second time straight sporty lad and bate addict Louis Martin has been on video rubbing up his hard uncut cock and shooting a load off, but it has been a while sine his debut stroke show.

You might not believe this, and I find it hard to believe myself, but he’s allegedly just 19. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions but my personal opinion is that it’s incredibly unlikely. Not that it matters.

I think we all hoped he would come back to frot dicks and handle another man’s meat for the first time, but it looks like this big guy might want to tease the fans and get us all worked up for more.

I definitely think he would be down to try something like that. He’s a very active guy and a total bator. He’s been boxing for years and he works out. You know he’s one of those dudes who isn’t shy about swinging his uncut cock around and showing off. All that sport also tends to make dudes super horny.

I get the feeling he’s one of those guys who just hasn’t had the opportunity to wank off with mates.

If he found a dude wanking off watching him in the gym showers he’d probably get hard and put on a show.

Maybe I’m wrong, he just seems to have that attitude. He’s definitely the kind of guy who’d get into a threesome with a girl and a friend. He’d just got that party guy vibe to him.

He’s definitely not shy in this video. His cock is swelling up the second it’s on display.

That’s not surprising, he’s an avid wanker. And when I say he really loves stroking his cock, he jacks off numerous times a day. I think it’s right to consider him a bate addict. Every few hours he’s got his dick in his fist and he’s pumping a load out.

That makes this video a little more special. He hasn’t wanked for 36 hours and he’s pretty desperate to splash some cum.

And being such a wanker, he’s shot a lot of loads in some interesting places.

He wanks at work, outside, in the toilets, in his car… he can go from pulling it out to splashing his jizz in 20 seconds, but it seems like he prefers to take a little more time and really enjoy himself.

Given that he’s such a bate addict it’s a wonder he hasn’t shot a few load off with a mate or two, but maybe he has and we just don’t know? I would be pretty surprised if he hasn’t been caught or found an opportunity to stroke with another guy.

His friends know about his wanking videos, and at least one of them is possibly gonna be stopping by to get his cock out for a wank too. That’s another good indicator that Louis really isn’t shy about things with his mates!

It really is a great video, his long pink cock is so hard throughout, it just doesn’t stop. His penis points right up to the ceiling while he shows off and then he does a little working out and milking his cock between his legs while on all-fours.

Finally, when it’s time to unload, he starts slinging that semen right up to his neck! His helmet spurts off plenty of splashes that almost hit him in the chin and the director wonders what his cum load would be like if he held back for a couple of days before his next visit.

And it looks like there will be a next visit, too. Louis is happy with the result and doesn’t seem mind the idea of doing more than a solo wank next time.

As we know how the routine there goes, I think we’re gonna be seeing him in a massage and hand job next time, and I cannot wait to see how much he spurts after that 🙂

We finish up with our horny bate addict in the shower, his long and hooded pink dick still half hard and hanging heavy, his hood hanging like a fleshy pipe over the end of his length. You know plenty of guys have seen him looking exactly like that in the gym showers!

Click here to see him slinging that cum out all over himself. Let’s hope we get to see him back with one of his mates soon.

Run time: 41:10

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Fit straight guy Louis Martin is back to wank his hard uncut cock on video
Louis Martin is a straight wank addict who loves to play with his cock
Straight bate addict Louis Martin hasn't shot a load for 36 hours
bate addict Louis Martin can't wait to get his dick out
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Studio: EnglishLads

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