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Wanks with my mate after the gym

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Submitted by James

Thanks for the interesting site. I found you on Tumblr after one of my mates shared a post trying to take the piss out of the idea of lads wanking together but I’m thinking he’s probably into it and just doesn’t want to say lol

He doesn’t know me and one of our other mates have been wanking together for a few months.

I’ll call him “Terry”.

Me and Terry have known each other for a few years but we started working out together last summer and one Saturday afternoon we were on our way home and he showed me a video on his phone. I thought he was showing me a tube video but it was one he filmed of him fucking his girlfriend.

It was just banter between lads to start with. I was surprised he showed me it but he’s not really shy. I was stiff in seconds and I snatched his phone from him and started looking through it. There were loads of videos of him wanking that he sends his girlfriend and a few of her sucking his cock.

After that we were just talking about porn and I found out he always has a wank in the showers at the gym. I told him I usually wait until I get home. My girlfriend is always working on Saturdays so I have the place to myself and watch a movie.

Twenty minutes later we were back at my flat and he was asking me about the movies I watch and he said even though he had a wank at the gym he was probably good for another one now.

I’ve got a few proper porn films under an AEBN account so I logged on and we were looking through them all and he picked one and just stood up and shoved his trackies down and his cock jumped up. I knew he had a pretty big dick but seeing it hard was interesting. The videos I watched hadn’t done him justice.

He asked if I had some tissues ready.

I got some and got my (extremely hard) cock out and then we just sat there wanking off and watching the video. I know he checked out my cock a few times but apart from that we were just chatting about porn and fantasies and then he lifted up his t-shirt and started cumming up his abs. I was ready to start cumming straight away but I thought it might look weird if I started cumming at the same time so I just watched him jizzing and nursed my dick for a couple of minutes before I did the same and cum flew up to my chest and almost hit my chin. He was wiping up his load when I was dumping mine but he watched that too and make a joke about me shooting myself in the face if I’m not careful. Then we started talking about getting cum in the eye lol

That was the first time but after that it’s been a regular thing. We always go to the gym Saturday afternoons and now we always finish it with a wank at my place. Sometimes it’s ten minutes other times it’s an hour or longer depending on what we’re watching.

We’re more open about it now. We’ve talked about our cocks and compared, and chatted about how to get a big load or the places we want to wank and the things we want to try.

It’s a lot of fun. Never thought I would have this kind of friendship but it’s cool.

I don’t think we’re gonna be swapping dicks or anything like that but I probably would if he was interested in hand jobs.

I’ve thought about looking for other lads to wank with and I like the idea of having a few guys together all watching porn and rubbing out some cum but I don’t think it would be the same as it is with Terry. I thought about getting some of those BuddyBate buttons and stickers but I think I would freak out if another lad saw it and offered to wank me off lol

Hey James!

Thanks for sending in your experience. If you’ve read any of the other experiences here then you probably know that everything you’ve said here is pretty common. A lot of guys start wanking with other lads because a friend who isn’t shy about their dick gets them into it. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just lads being lads.

It’s also pretty common for guys who work out to have the “gym boner” they need to deal with after. A lot of my wank mates are gym-going guys who always have to shoot a load after a good session and a lot of them share it with their gym buddies too. There’s definitely something about being physically active and working up a load while you’re working up a sweat!

And don’t worry about what you’re into, a lot of our readers are just into it for the friendship and the relaxed nature of enjoying their own cock in the company of another guy. While a lot are also into rubbing their dicks together and giving each other a hand, plenty are just down for friendly porn watching and bating.

It’s all just about the cock enjoyment, either “DIY” or lending a hand, doesn’t matter as long as you’re having fun. We’ve all got dicks, we all love stroking them, so why are so many lads so shy about it when they could just be sharing the experience?

Thanks again for your experience, I hope you have plenty of friendly wanks for many years to come!

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5 years ago

A hot story which is so true! Thank you for it, James, and wanking together is so normal – I’m hoping your enjoying many more wanks together.
I’ve a buddy who gets so horny each time he goes to the gym. He’s always needing help to get his balls emptied after all the exercises. So I’ve especially enjoyed this story, and when I’m next with him will show it to him. I just know he’ll love it.
So, thanks again for the story of your wanking experience.
I think I’ll go and wank before I get my evening meal.


5 years ago

I always get hard after the gym. I mostly just have a solo wank in the showers but a couple of times I’ve had another guy show me his cock and we wanked together and watched each other cum. Never had a mutual bate with frotting in the showers before but i would love that.

5 years ago

I’m always so horny after the gym having a good wank is the only thing I can think about. Seen a few guys hard in the showers before but never had a wank with any of them. I got my buttons and stickers now so this week when i go maybe one of the other guys will see i’m down for it and offer a hand 🙂

5 years ago

Never jacked off with a guy but I always need to cum after the gym. Seen a couple other guys jacking it in the showers before and only had one time when we watched each other. It was pretty fuckin hot watching a dude beatin his dick and having a guy watching me. Got my buttons and stickers now so hopefully a dude will see it and offer some bate action for my first time.

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