Caught a guy wanking and it got me so hard

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Submitted by Anon in Peterborough

“I’m straight but last week I caught my best mate wanking and it confused me. We’ve been mates for years and I’ve seen him naked loads of times before but this was different. We were getting ready to go out and he was in the shower when I walked in to sort my hair out and he was standing there in the shower with his cock in his fist just going at it. It’s not unusual for us to be going in and out of the bathroom like that when we’re getting ready to go out but I have never seen him hard and wanking it.

Now I’m starting to wonder why he did that. He didn’t stop either just kept on wanking his cock while I pretended nothing was happening. We were talking about meeting up with a mate of ours at the bar the whole time and he was acting like it was nothing.

I started wondering if he wanted me to see him. That’s how I found this blog. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I’m wondering if he wants to wank with me. I’m not sure how I feel about it but I know I got so fucking hard thinking about it. I didn’t pull that night but I wanked off and kept thinking about what it would be like to be wanking with him there. It’s been turning me on. I don’t know if that makes me bi or something. I know I’m not gay.

So yeah that’s what happened with me and my mate and I’m just trying to work it out. Thanks for the blog.”


Editors response:

Anon, you might not even be bi really, it depends how you categorize things. It could just be that your mate gets off on exhibitionism, or maybe he just doesn’t have any problem about you seeing him wanking? Some guys have no boundaries when it comes to their cock and their mates and it doesn’t necessarily mean he wanted you to respond in any way, he might have just not thought it was a big deal for you to see him like that.

As for what you feel, a lot of guys just have a fetish for wanking, or for seeing cocks. There are a lot of guys out there who have no interest in sex with other guys, they don’t want to suck a dick, and many might not even want to feel another guys cock. There are thousands of things we all like sexually without them needing an explanation. In my opinion, if you liked seeing him wanking then why not explore that? Why should it be any different to you being excited by seeing boobs? Or a girl fingering herself? Or a woman using a dildo? Every guy out there has his little sexual kinks that are entirely different to penetrative sex, but we don’t look for ways for those things to define our entire sexuality and relationships.

If you have an interest in wanking with him, and he clearly has no problem wanking in front of you, then maybe you should try and arrange for you both to have a night in watching porn and see what happens? I can almost guarantee you’ll both end up wanking, and probably have a lot of fun in the process.

the tl;dr answer – don’t worry about what this “makes you”, it doesn’t change anything, you can enjoy these things without them defining your sexuality or relationships and conforming to an imagined path no one is there to inflict on you. Most of all, life is too short, have fun.

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