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Two straight guys wanking and sucking – Tyler Hirst gets Patrick West into it!

If you know anything about the English Lads site then you probably know that they have a long history of getting their straight guys into some wanking and sucking fun in their videos after they start off with a stroking solo.

You probably also know that muscled former Royal Marine Tyler Hirst (the dude on the left) has been really into sharing his cock with the other guys since he first experienced mutual masturbation shortly after his arrival. He’s been one of the best guys for teaching the new arrivals how to enjoy some cock, going all the way with plenty of them too in the process.

He’s back again for this one, showing another new guy how to enjoy some cock with fit straight lad Patrick West.

This inked and entirely straight guy has only been in a solo wank video so far, but when he’s teamed up with Tyler he really doesn’t hold back on the experimentation.

The guys have a playful competition comparing their muscles, but soon those uncut cocks are out for some comparison too. Getting hard and throbbing, the guys lend each other a wanking hand, but that’s not enough for hunky Tyler.

Yeah, some of you are only into the wanking, and I get it, but I have to say that the sucking between these guys is fucking hot too. They both get really into it, and even though Patrick has never sucked a dick before he’s clearly having a lot of fun gobbling on Tyler’s uncut tool and having his own cock pleasured.

By the end of this one both boys look pretty happy with the cummy mess they made, and we are too!

CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEOTyler Hirst and Patrick West at English Lads straight guys strip each other straight guys feeling each other straight guys groping cock straight guy grabbing another guys cock two straight guys feeling each others cock bulges straight guy taking off another mans jeans muscled straight guy feels another guys cock through his underwear straight guy gets another guys cock outTyler Hirst and Patrick West at English Lads

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