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First time wanking my mate off

Submitted by HandyMan in Kent

Been wanking with one of my mates for a couple of years. We’re both straight and have girlfriends but we’ve always enjoyed watching porn and rubbing one out. It’s never been a big deal. It started on a drunken night after the pub when we got back to his flat and just put some porn on. After a couple of minutes we were both hard and stroking.

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen each other cum probably a few hundred times. I never really thought that much about it. It’s just a couple of mates watching porn and talking about pussy and getting off.

The last few months I got more curious about what it would be like to wank him off. I never thought I would actually do it but I started reading some posts on blogs like this where other guys have wanked each other and it really got me thinking about what it would feel like if we made each other cum.

So a couple of weeks ago I just said to him that we could make each other cum and see what it was like. We’d talked about threesomes and stuff like that before so I already knew he wasn’t scared of his cock touching another guys dick. He had a threesome with one of his mates a few years ago and she sucked them both and rubbed their dicks together so I kind of knew he would be alright about it.

He was okay with it and we got our cocks out, grabbed each other and started stroking.

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It was a bit awkward at the start and hard to find a rhythm but once we sat back on the sofa and got into it it felt really good. I didn’t know what it would be like to wank another cock but it wasn’t that different from my own, just thicker. His cock felt warm and wet in my hand and the feel of his hand around my dick was amazing.

I’ve had hand jobs plenty of times before but this was the best one by far. My girlfriend loves making me cum but I usually have to take over to get me there and then she grabs my cock and finishes me off, but my mate knew exactly how to do it.

I already knew I would enjoy it but I didn’t know how much. Usually when we wank we can last probably nearly an hour but this time I was ready to cum in about ten minutes.

I think we both started cumming at the same time. I made a big mess all over stomach and his hand was dripping with my jizz and when I looked his cock was covered in cum and my fist was drenched in it.

We haven’t wanked each other off again yet. The last time we just watched each other cum and I think he wanted to grab my dick again. I’m gonna suggest it for the next time. I think I might ask him about frotting or getting a toy we can both stick our dicks into.

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One thought on “First time wanking my mate off

  • February 19, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    Thanks HandyMan for relating your experience. Let us know how it went after that first time.


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