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Fleshlight wanking on a Thursday night

Submitted by Aron in Scotland

“Every Thursday night my wife goes to a yoga class with a friend of hers from college and I make full use of the time I have home alone. We’ve been married for five years now and sex has become pretty boring and she’s already lost quite a lot of interest. She doesn’t mind me having my private time and I think she knows that I use Thursdays to get off even though we never talk about it.

Within ten minutes of her leaving I get my lube out, grab my fleshlight and settle down on the couch with some porn on the TV.

She’s usually gone for about 2 hours so I get plenty of time to really get into my stroking. I spend the first hour just playing with my cock and edging my load, sometimes with a cock ring too. I have a pump I sometimes to use that she knows nothing about, just to make my dick thicker and heavier.

The second hour is all about the edging and really enjoying my fleshlight. I love to take my time inside it, getting it soaking wet with lube and sliding in and out of it, adjusting the sucking inside and feeling it almost gobbling my cock. Sometimes I wedge it under the cushion of the sofa and hump my cock into it over and over but I have to really take my time because it’s so intense.

When I finally can’t take any more I like to either kneel with a towel out in front of me and spew my cum over it or lean up against the sofa and see if I can squirt in my own mouth.

I always cum hard anyway but on my Thursday nights I can squirt my semen out with real force after all that edging. I’ve had to clean the couch three times this year because I got too carried away and fired my load right over my shoulder.

I haven’t wanked with another guy since I was in college fifteen years ago but I really hope to one day. After reading some of the wank nights some of the other members of the forum enjoy with their mates I really want that. It would be great to have someone over on Thursdays to watch porn and enjoy our fleshlights together and see how far and hard we can cum.”

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2 thoughts on “Fleshlight wanking on a Thursday night

  • December 9, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    I love my fleshlight it’s the best toy I ever bought.

    • December 13, 2015 at 12:21 am

      I have more than one. Not sure they’re my faves or not now though. I have some great little sleeves that feel fantastic.


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