Kink – Mistress Luna Delegates – Part 2

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Mistress Luna Delegates – Part 2 was originally released via the BuddyBate Patreon. This is now no longer available. Our exclusive fiction is now being released via the Book Of Bate, with each volume containing TEN original stories. Please click here for more information.

Johnathan endures the torment of Mistress Luna, her warning that someone else would be arriving to assist her was forgotten as she makes him throb and drip precum.

Excerpt from Mistress Luna Delegates – Part 2

I could feel my heavy balls rising up between my thighs, the sack becoming tighter and lifting from the clammy surface of the leather cushion beneath my ass. I was almost slouched in the chair. It would have been uncomfortable if it weren’t for the constant distractions of Mistress Luna. 

She strolled around, slapping the riding crop in her hand. “You men have no stamina, no will power. You’re all slaves to your pathetic penises and you’ll do anything to make it squirt”

Mistress Luna had walked a circle around, slowly, allowing me to stare and take in every inch of her slim body, but only what she wanted me to see, which for now wasn’t enough.

“I’ve had to punish him, of course” she warned, now facing me again, her eyes fixed on mine. “When he admitted that he’d had a massage and the man had stolen what was rightfully mine I couldn’t possibly let that stand. So he has to pay”.

She stepped forward to lean in to me, resting her crop against my leg and reaching out to the table to collect the two nipple suckers.

“I should just assume that you’re as pathetic as the rest of them and that you’re lying to me” she said quietly. If she had been saying anything else, in any other environment, it would seem to be just a calm statement or observation, like commenting on the weather. But here, in this darkened room, with my hands restrained and my cock swollen and desperate, the smell of another man’s semen and sweat still penetrating my nose while it mixed with the aroma of my constantly leaking precum, it had a sinister undercurrent.

The smell in her sparsely furnished room was always prominent in my mind whenever I thought about her between visits. They say that the sense of smell is the most powerful, especially when it comes to recalling memories, and that was certainly true for me. No doubt the room was cleaned regularly, but whenever I walked in there, especially in the afternoon or evening, I could always tell another man had been present.

Whenever I smelled the same brand of oil she used, which I’d purchased for home use when I found it, I was immediately transported back to her in my mind. I could lay in bed and wank my cock with that oil and I would be shooting off a load in moments.

When I entered the changing room with the guys after a game the damp and musty smell of ball sweat was enough to have me thinking about Mistress Luna. I couldn’t count the number of times that smell has made me hard and I’ve had to hide my stiff meat in case any of the other lads saw it.

I often wondered what she’d done with those other men. I thought about all the things she’d done to me, the times she’d made my cock spew semen with such unexpected power that it splashed up into my face, shot right over my shoulder or slung out over the floor several feet ahead of me. I thought about how many other men she’d done that to and I was jealous. Somehow, that jealously was enticing, it was a thrill. Knowing that I was just another man with just another cock that she tormented made it more exciting.

The city was full of bankers, CEOs, tradesmen, sportsmen, regular guys with time to spare and money to spend. I knew that she was popular and I knew there must have been a parade of penises she enjoyed tormenting, and that awareness made her seem so much more powerful to me.


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I'm Brad, and I'm an avid masturbator. I'm the primary author here at BuddyBate, publishing the experiences of readers, adding fiction content submitted by visitors and sharing some of the best masturbation porn available.

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