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Personal Trainers – Stroking with a customer

Submitted by WankFan

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In the five months since he’d discovered that Johnny and Aaron wanked together almost daily in the office his life had changed. When he looked back to that first time watching porn and squirting cum over the desk with Johnny he couldn’t believe how much fun he’d been having. He’d always been an avid wanker, his girlfriend had even joked about it a few times and marveled that he had so much cum to shoot every day, but since he’d joined his buddies in their bate sessions for that first time he’d been almost constantly horny for more, and getting it.

“I just need to deal with this and then I’ll be out of your hair mate” Jimmy smirked, pointing to his throbbing 6″ erection and proudly showing it off.

Almost every day he’d see either Aaron or Johnny heading to the office to wank one out and if he was free he’d rush in to join them, watching some great porn and listening to the sounds of their wet cocks being massaged in their hands, gazing a the glistening lengths in their grip, watching each other erupting heavy ropes of cream in unison.. He’s already lost count of the number of times he’d watched their cocks splashing jizz out over the desk, but the thrill of it never faded and the moment one of their cocks began to erupt it always triggered the other two into launching their own.

All the shared porn and stroke sessions had been awesome, but the real turning point came when he’d rubbed dicks with Aaron and felt another man’s cock for the first time. The sensation of another slick shaft in his hand, the feel of Aaron’s spongy helmet in his palm while he stroked it, the intensity of their tips sliding together and the roughness of Aaron’s grip around his own 9-inch length had stuck with him since that first time and he couldn’t wait for the opportunity to do it again. It had been a month since that first hands-on experience and every time he thought about it his dick sprang up demanding attention.

Aaron hadn’t mentioned anything about their frotting and hand job session in the showers, but Chris couldn’t help but wonder whether he’d done the same with Johnny during one of their wanks, or whether the boss had no idea Aaron was into it. Would Johnny freak out about the idea of rubbing dicks together like that? Was he just waiting for the opportunity? Maybe Aaron had other mates he wanked with, guys neither him nor Johnny had met?

He’d soon find the answer to that question one evening, finishing up and locking the building down.



He’d fucked up the closing routine, probably because he was so distracted by the determined erection in his shorts. He’d had to adjust his cock several times during the day just to try and make it less obvious, but with neither Aaron or Johnny around he’d missed out on a good wank in the office and his balls were now cum-heavy and desperate to be emptied. Having not checked the toilets or the locker rooms he flicked off the lights in the main rooms one by one, plunging the gym into gradual darkness while he headed to the back of the building just to make sure there was no one loitering.

After checking the women’s side and calling out announcing they were closing, discovering an empty room, he flicked off the lights and made his way to the men’s side, immediately hearing the sound of rushing water as he swung the door open.

Being such a big guy he knew he could handle himself, but he still felt a mild sense of panic at the thought of finding someone inside. It was ridiculous, it was probably just another faulty shower cubicle he’d have to grapple with for an hour before finally shutting it off, but he still felt his pulse race as he made his way down the shower aisle to find the source.

Opening curtains fully in every cubicle as he went, calling out to whoever it was, he eventually reached the end and found the culprit.

“Oh, hey Chris!” Jimmy said, seemingly surprised but not too convincingly, turning around under the rush of now lukewarm water.

Chris knew him, of course, he was one of the regulars. They’d had many conversations about supplements and routines, he’d offered Jimmy free advice more than a few times. Being one of the younger members of the gym he sometimes needed a little guidance, but he’d been doing well on his own and in the year Chris had been monitoring from a distance he’d admired the lad’s determination and commitment. He’d watched him change from an athletic teen to a muscular 20-year-old.

“I know you love this place but it’s late Jimmy, you gotta go home” Chris said, expecting the wet young man to follow him out.

“I just need to deal with this and then I’ll be out of your hair mate” Jimmy smirked, pointing to his throbbing 6″ erection and proudly showing it off.

The lad’s cock was solid and arching upward, his foreskin back over the tip, the flesh bunched up around the flared tip of his length. His balls hung low thanks to the heat of the room, swinging gently in their elongated wrinkled sack. Chris immediately felt his own cock thicken once again, its incessant need to be stroked becoming instantly awakened. With his girlfriend out of town for a week and neither Aaron nor Johnny around for one of their almost daily wanks he’d been desperate to cum all day, finding no time at all to get into the office and rub one out to some good pussy porn.

Chris contemplated the scenario, wondering whether this would be crossing a professional line. Everyone knew that a lot of customers wanked one out in the showers, but when someone reported something a warning had to be issued. Did it make a difference that they were the only ones there? Would Johnny give a damn? Chris knew that doing anything with a customer was strictly against the rules, but he also knew Aaron had fucked plenty of his customers and he still had a job. Would a wank with Jimmy really be so bad?

“You’re cool with me wanking one out before I go, right?” Jimmy asked, the sound of the water falling silent as he turned the metal knob on the tiled wall. “Aaron said you’d probably be…”

Chris interrupted him “what?” he was surprised, smirking, but a little worried that Aaron had shared anything with a customer “Aaron said what, mate?”

Jimmy gave a mocked grimace “Oh, did I fuck up?”

The young man stepped out of the cubicle, splashing Chris a little as he shook the water from his scruffy blond hair and grabbing his towel from the wall on his way past. “It’s no big deal mate, a couple of days ago Aaron said you were a fellow wanker. That’s all”.

Chris followed him out to the locker room, his cock still raging in his shorts, tenting out the material by his waistband from where he’d positioned his dick to hide an earlier boner. He could feel the precum leaking from his tip once again, his foreskin slipping back, the juices soaking into the material.

“It’s all good mate” Jimmy said, dropping his towel on the bench and turning to face Chris, “I’ve wanked with Aaron a few times and he just said you were cool with it so I thought you’d be okay with me just knocking one out before I go” he opened his locker and tugged his bag out, dropping it down beside his towel “you know what it’s like after a good gym sesh”

The locker room smell washed over him with the movement of air, a curious mix that always seemed to include the distinctive aroma of cum. “You rubbed one out with Aaron?” Chris asked.

“Yeah! Loads of times” Jimmy was rummaging through his bag and paused for a moment, looking up and pointing to a little blue and white badge on the handle “He saw my BuddyBate badge a few months ago and asked me if I wanted to stick around after closing”.

Chris leaned in, checking out the design. He didn’t recognize it, or know what “social club” it indicated, but he was curious nonetheless. “I have no idea what that is” Chris admitted, his precum-drenched cock tip slipping up out of the waistband of his shorts and brushing against the inside of his tank top.

Jimmy pulled a bottle of moisturizer from his bag “It’s a club. International. I’ve had this button on here for about six months and a few guys have recognized it. It’s just a way for lads to know if another lad is into wanking it”.

Chris raised his eyebrows “Really? There’s a whole club of guys who are cool with wanking it with other guys?”

“Of course there is!” Jimmy laughed, “There’s about ten guys just at this fuckin’ gym into it”

The revelation washed over him. How had he not known? Why hadn’t Aaron told him? Did anyone else know about this club? Did Johnny, the boss, know about all these wanks going on?

Chris shook his head “you mean there’s ten guys here all into wanking together?”

Jimmy felt a sense of pride, Chris was ten years older than him and here he was giving the dude an education in something he should really know more about. “Yeah mate” he smiled, “some dudes are just down for watching porn and rubbing their own, other lads are down for lending a hand and frotting”

“So” Jimmy held up the bottle of cream, his pink cock still stiff and reaching out in front of him “what are you into?”


Thanks for your patience, guys. I know it’s been far too long since we last had an update in this ongoing series, but life sometimes gets in the way, you know? I do this mostly voluntarily, when I have the time to write and feel the urge to share a new idea that pops into my head, but it would really help out if you could contribute to the running of the site in some way. There are a few ways you can do that and get something out of it too. Check out the SUPPORT US page for ideas. Leave a comment below, I would love to know what you guys think of this latest chapter and the “breaking the fourth wall” aspect of it. I’ve been dying to add the BuddyBate buttons into the mix for a little while and this seemed like a perfect opportunity. There’s more to come of course, so make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter


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7 thoughts on “Personal Trainers – Stroking with a customer

  • April 15, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    Definitely liking where this is going.

  • April 16, 2019 at 9:37 am

    I use to work at a gym in my 20’s and at closing time there was always someone to discover. I like this story very much.

  • April 19, 2019 at 3:03 pm

    Great story mate I‘m really like it. All parts have been very stimulating ? part 6 has an unexpected but very interesting twist and I‘m really exited for the sequel ?

  • May 10, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    Nice story, so are they going to wank or no?

  • May 15, 2019 at 4:57 am

    Loved the whole story so far, hope it continues! A real turn on!!

  • June 1, 2019 at 4:19 am

    Dude! Please keep this series going… I’ve been so hard reading this!

  • June 8, 2019 at 6:10 pm

    Part 7 is so badly needed!!


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