City Adventures – Subway Man Spread

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The subway is a strange place and you never know who you might meet.

Excerpt from City Adventures – Subway Man Spread

The second he sat down opposite me his legs were out and wide. His shorts were baggy but not big enough for him, if you get what I mean. I didn’t notice it at first but when I looked down to my phone to skip a track I saw the pink skin hanging there and I looked up carefully, it was like checking out a car wreck on the highway. Even if you don’t want to look you kinda have to.

One of his nuts was hanging out of his shorts. It was just drooping there like a pink egg in a bag. The way he was sitting with his ass forward on the seat his ball just flopped down from around the material of his shorts, swaying with the movement of the train.

I looked away and stared at my phone wondering if I should take a photo and send it to Dan. I didn’t. Instead I looked again just in time to see his other ball slip out from around the baggy grey material, the round shape moving inside his skin to plop down and join the other one.

His sack was completely hanging out!

The weight of the nuts inside pulled his skin down into bunches of creased flesh where it disappeared into the shadows. I could see the mound of his cock above, resting along the top of his thigh with his hand resting on it.

He must have known straight away that his balls were hanging out. If my balls had flopped out like that I would know it straight away. The only time I freeball is when I’m working out in the garage and whenever my nuts or cock fall out of my shorts I can tell.

This guy either just didn’t care or it was deliberate.

I tried to look away again but you know what it’s like. I stared at my phone, wondering if I could get a photo for Dan to laugh at. I figured if this guy wanted to flash me his balls he probably wouldn’t even care if I took a photo. I angled my phone up and clicked.

The photo was more than I expected. In the seconds it had taken to snag the photo the dude had grabbed his meat. The material of his shorts was wrapped around the thick cock he was holding up.

I typed quickly. “Yo! Chck out dude flashin me his nuts on the subway! Fkn cray!” I hit send.

“You want a photo of this too, buddy?”


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