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Feeling A Hung College Bro

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Submitted by Ben

I only ever jacked off one guy but the first time I touched another guy’s cock was in college.

It’s one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t do more because it’s obvious now he was down to do stuff but back then I didn’t get it.

I didn’t know him well and he was mostly friends with someone I knew and we hung out like that but this guy was always bragging about his cock. He used to claim it was long and thick whenever he could. One time we were out at the park near campus with a few buddies and the subject came up again.

One of the other guys called him out on it and said he was a liar. The guy didn’t prove him wrong.

After a while the other guys left and it was just us two and we were planning to head back to campus. I was just trying to find things to talk about because we didn’t know each other that well and I made a joke about him being called out for lying about his dick.

He told me could prove it if I wanted.

I didn’t say anything and I started walking to the path and when I looked back he was coming over and he just pulled the front of his shorts down and his cock swung out!

He wasn’t lying about his dick. I think it was about 8 inches and it was thick. Big fat cock head. He was half hard and he just kind of swung it around.

I stared at it. I never saw a cock like that just being showed off. There wasn’t anyone else around we were kind of in this small clearing with trees around us so no one could have seen him.

He asked me if I wanted to feel it and I snapped out of staring and laughed and carried on walking.

I tried to ignore it but I was real curious about it and after a few minutes walking he asked me again if I wanted to feel it and even though I thought maybe he was just trying to catch me out I decided to say okay.

We found a little alley out of sight and he got his cock out again and I reached out and grabbed it.

I didn’t think about liking cocks up until then but as soon as I felt his thick cock and it started to get harder in my hand I started to get hard.

We were only there for a minute and I was just squeezing it and pulling it while it got stiffer but then someone walked by and he put his cock back in his shorts. I wanted to keep playing with it.

That was the first time I really knew I like cocks but I didn’t do anything until I met another guy years later who was relaxed about things the same way he was.

I saw the guy a lot of times after that day but we never talked about it and even tough I wanted to offer to finish him off properly i never found the courage to say it. There were rumors about guys getting head in some of the restrooms on campus and I guess he was one of those guys who was involved in that.

I still think about his cock and how good it felt. And I wonder if he ever visits sites like this one and has any friends to jack off with.

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3 months ago

You always remember that first feel of another great cock 🙂

2 months ago

I’m not about the size but I’ve handled some big cocks and they’re always great to feel especially if you can make them cum. 🙂

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