Frat Fap – Basement Trade-Off – Part Two

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Part two of Frat Fap – Basement Trade-Off, was originally released via the BuddyBate Patreon. Our exclusive fiction is now being released via the Book Of Bate, with each volume containing TEN original stories. Please click here for more information.

Excerpt from Frat Fap – Basement Trade-Off

In a second he was lightly gripping it, the warm and pliable hardness not dissimilar to his, only much much bigger. He tugged gently, his hand becoming loose for a moment as it slid along the meaty pole toward the tip, the pendulous nuts beneath swinging with his movement.

Terry sucked through his teeth slightly as Mike’s thumb brushed over the ridge of his swollen glans, a dribble of viscous clear juice drizzling over his fingers as he slid around it.

He hadn’t paid appropriate attention to his own cock until now, but as he looked to himself his boxers were fully stretched, the little buttoned flap threatening to burst open and reveal his turgid member. Terry hadn’t ignored it, looking down between them and seeing the little damp patch forming at the end of the rude protrusion, the green cotton getting darker where the shape of little pursed lips was clearly defined.

“Come on man, give it some proper stroking” Terry encouraged.

Mike slid his hand back along the hard tool, the skin half moving with his light grip.

“Nah man, you don’t jack yourself like that, stop being a pussy” Terry barked, “here, let me fucking show you”. He leaned in, with a swift move he shucked Mike’s boxers down, his rigid pink erection bouncing out and slapping up to smack his tight abs, smearing a dab of liquid against the thin trail of hair leading from his navel to the top of his neatly cut bush. With his shorts around his knees he couldn’t move quickly enough before Terry grabbed his dick, hard. “Like this you moron” Terry indicated, quickly rubbing his friend’s cock in a firm grasp.

Mike laughed instinctively. He knew how to jack a cock, he considered himself a pro, but something about jacking another big dick like Terry’s was confusing to him, it was like getting off a bike and trying to ride a unicycle.

He mocked his friend, grabbing Terry hard and pumping his meat fast while his buddy continued to rub his “like this?” he asked, sarcastically, his harsh movement encouraging the same in return.

“No, like this” Terry said through gritted teeth, grabbing Mike’s weighty balls and tugging downward.

It was enough to make him flinch and let go, but not enough to distract him from the increasingly fun mission. His balls ached just a little, for a moment, but soon the two were once again facing each other, their cocks side-by-side as Mike held his down to compare them. His cock was so stiff it pointed upward with a determination he hadn’t seen for weeks, if not months.

Mike was suddenly explicitly aware of just how long and thick Terry’s cock was. Next to his own it looked remarkable. His paler pink length arched upward a little toward the end while Terry’s tanned tool reached out and down, tapping against the side of his dick where the wrinkles of his low ball sack began.


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3 years ago

Ben great wanking off to the frat story. Can’t wait to read the contest stories too. Had one contest with my flatmate but get so hard thinking about competing with a good group of lads. Maybe one day!


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