Tradies – Lunchtime Relief – Part 3

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After returning to the work site and finding his buddy Jim stroking his cock to the porn magazines they discovered in the old shed Louis is enticed into releasing his own thicker meat to join in with him.

Excerpt from Tradies – Lunchtime Relief – Part 3

I appreciatively commented on the blowbang scenes displayed on the page, giving my thick manhood a couple of pumps and enjoying the sensation of him being aware of my tumescent rod. I nodded to my swollen manhood “wouldn’t mind any of those girls getting their lips around this for me!” I said, grabbing my meat firmly by the root and making it throb even more while I waved it in the air slowly for him to observe.

Jim glanced at it and smirked, “that’s more than a mouthful mate, well done” he complimented, leaning back in his seat and allowing his pink throbber to stand freely once again, his seven inches swaying like an angry cobra to a flutist. I’ve never understood anyone congratulating someone on their cock, it’s not like I earned it or designed it. None of us has any say in the cock we’re given but I suppose congratulating another man for it is a good way to cross an invisible line of accepted norms, although I didn’t know into what realm we had traversed.


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  • August 6, 2020 at 12:53 pm

    Keep it cumming lads! Loving these stories.


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