Hung student Anthony is a real exhibitionist, and definitely a buddy bator

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Video title: Anthony 2

Studio: IslandStuds

IslandStuds Site review

This is the second time big-dicked Colorado student Anthony has appeared for the Island Studs site, showing off his long cock, enjoying a lot of outdoor play while he pisses and jerks and shoots a huge load of cum.

He’s a fascinating guy and most definitely a bator bro.

We all know the traits a lot of bators have. Sporty and outdoorsy, horny all the time, comfortable in their own skin and shameless when it comes to stroking up a storm.

He’s got all of that.

He might be mostly about the ladies but he’s said a few times in his videos how much he loves being naked and how comfortable he is showing off his big dick and enjoying himself with another man there. He says all guys should be this comfortable about it, and we definitely agree!

Although he’s been jacking that 8″ cock solo so far I definitely think we’re gonna be seeing him teamed up with one of their other easygoing guys for a friendly jacking session. He’s just got that perfect attitude when it comes to hauling it out and enjoying his dick.

I can imagine he would even be down to swap dicks and help a buddy along with his load.

We would probably all love to have him as a buddy. I would go camping and hiking with him any time he likes, dicks out and boners dripping, loads ready to be splashed.

And that’s another great thing about this guy… he cums a lot! In this video he spurts out a massive fountain of semen that hits him in the face and neck! Clearly he really gets off on being on display like this and if he gets the chance to rub dicks with any of their other guys I can imagine he might shoot his load clear over his head lol

Wouldn’t you love to wank one out with him? Let me know in the comments.

Check out some pics and click here for his video.

Run time: 30:00

Click for the video
Click for the video

Studio: IslandStuds

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One thought on “Hung student Anthony is a real exhibitionist, and definitely a buddy bator

  • January 8, 2022 at 2:04 pm

    He looks a lot like one of my son’s friends lol
    Can’t say their cocks are the same but I wouldn’t mind finding out. He’s 24 and I sometimes feel like he’s got the bator attitude.


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